Sutton Stracke Has A Cheeky Follow-Up To Kyle Richards' Fireplace Dig

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'" Kyle Richards revealed last year that castmate and friend Sutton Stracke has been renting her Bel-Air home (via Bravo). "She stole my goddamn house!" Kyle jokingly wrote on her Instagram Stories. As Sutton shared on a May episode of "RHOBH," she was in-between houses at the time. "I left my house and sold it," she said. "But my new house needs a facelift. So I started looking for houses to rent and, ding dong, I think, 'Kyle's house' and Kyle just let me live here, though I pay rent." 

Just how shiny a penny is Kyle making off Sutton? Well, though she claims Sutton received a "friends and family discount," as she said on-air, Sutton still paid her $20,000 per month in rent, per Bravo. (The non-discounted price was $25,000.) 

Kyle also shared on the same episode that cohabitating with her friend wasn't exactly all giggles. "It feels so strange to be walking through my home and looking at someone else's things. I keep picturing how I used to have the house versus how she has it now. [It] makes me feel a little sad." No friendly bonds were broken, however, as Kyle joked to Sutton, "Make sure that check is on time, or I'll kick your a** out!" Though Sutton might have always paid her rent on time, Kyle has since revealed that Sutton technically owes her a new fireplace. Wait, what? Here's why, and how Sutton hilariously responded.

Sutton denied responsibility and fired off a hilarious tweet

Finally moved into her new house, Sutton Stracke jokingly tweeted on October 14, "Getting comfortable in my new place, and thanks to the #rhobh reunion I even learned to close the flue!" Clearly, this was due to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" castmate Kyle Richards' revelation on Part 1 of Season 11's reunion special that Sutton caused some major damage during her time as a tenant at Kyle's. 

"She was a great tenant, although she did almost burn my house down," Kyle said to reunion host Andy Cohen. Sutton, also present, was apparently learning of this for the first time. "What did I do? Did I really?" she asked, appearing genuinely baffled. "I swear," Kyle responded. "They just did like a walk-through and they're like, 'Um, the house was almost burned down.'" Seeing photographic evidence on Kyle's phone of a scorched fireplace, Sutton defiantly proclaimed, "It is not my fault, I just turned the fireplace on."

Kyle still took the damage to her house well, also never having requested a security deposit from her friend in the first place. As she explained to Cohen as to the issue of house repairs and why she never asked for one, "She was supposed to be there only one month." Well, this was a messy moment, but at least Sutton's response on Twitter was ... a gas!