Will Jennifer Lopez Really Marry Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been dating since May 2021, just after Lopez broke things off with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, according to Marie Clare. Lopez and Affleck were previously engaged, but ended up splitting before they made it down the aisle. In 2004, JLo's rep released a statement about the breakup. "Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this difficult time, we ask that you respect her privacy," the statement read, according to People magazine. Over the years, the now on-again couple has been asked about the split, but has kept things cordial, often blaming the excessive media attention for the ultimate demise of the relationship. 

Both Lopez and Affleck went on to date — and eventually marry — other people. They both started families — Lopez married Marc Anthony and had twins Max and Emme in 2008, while Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005, and they have three children together. While it may seem as though a lifetime has passed, Lopez and Affleck are back together and seem more in tune with one another than ever before. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of chatter about what might be next for these two, and whether or not they will actually end up getting married this time around. Keep reading to find out what someone who was once very close to Lopez had to say about the possibility of a Bennifer 2.0 wedding.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez have reportedly talked about getting married

Jennifer Lopez's former manager Rob Shuter spoke to the Daily Mail about Lopez's relationship with Ben Affleck — and he feels that Bennifer will work out this time around. "Ben was the one that got away. When they broke up his demons were a secret," Shuter told the outlet. "Since then, he has been very honest about his struggles and has confronted them. They had the right love at the wrong time. Now is the right time," he added.

While Lopez and Affleck may be getting to know each other all over again, sources have said that the two are dedicated to one another, and have already talked about getting married. "They are both madly in love and don't want to let one another go this time," a source told Us Weekly back in August. The source also added that the couple is considering eloping rather than having a huge wedding, perhaps because both parties have previously been married. Around the same time as the Us Weekly report, Page Six obtained photos of Affleck looking at engagement rings at Tiffany. So, will Bennifer make things officially official this time around? Only time will tell.