Has Kate Middleton Completely Changed Her Look For Her Future Role As Queen?

Kate Middleton has been a style icon from the moment she stepped onto the scene. Royal watchers have simply been infatuated with all things relating to Kate, even before she and Prince William got engaged. Over the years, many have looked to the Duchess of Cambridge for style ideas, and some have even tried emulating her looks. According to Hello! magazine, several of Kate's outfits have sold out in stores or online shops within hours of her wearing them. In fact, the site points out that "the Kate effect" is actually the phrase used to describe the duchess' "impact she [has] on fashion brands" in regard to the uptick in sales after she is spotted wearing a dress or a pair of shoes, for example. 

And Kate's outfits and accessories aren't the only things that people have been obsessed with. The Duchess of Cambridge's overall look, from her natural makeup look to her hairstyles have also been widely reported on — and copied. In fact, Town & Country posted an entire article of Kate's 30 best hairstyles from over the years. However, as Kate has gotten older, she seems to have changed things up a bit — and there could be a good reason for it. Keep reading to learn more.

Kate Middleton's new hairstyle might be a sign that she's preparing for the future

Kate Middleton has made headlines for her bouncy blowouts for years. In July 2021, Vogue actually published an article with tips on how to recreate Kate's signature hairstyle. And while the look seemed to suit the Duchess of Cambridge perfectly, it looks like she's actually made a change. According to the Daily Mail, Kate has toned things down a bit, going for a more sleek, refined hairstyle as of late — and there could be a good reason for it. The outlet reports that celebrity stylist Tom Smith spoke with FEMAIL about Kate's newest change. 

"It's important as a senior Royal to [minimize] how much she divides opinion and so Kate is not likely to ever embrace strong trends in hair, beauty or fashion. The bouncy blow dry she is known for is a modern classic, a style that has become timeless, traditional and classic," Smith said, according to the Daily Mail. "Kate's newer style to me is a more modern interpretation of her usual waves. We see the ends of her hair are a little straighter and 'piecier' which is definitely more in line with what is commonly asked for in salons these days," he continued, later adding, "Kate is likely wanting to make more age-appropriate choices ready for her future role within the Firm. She is slowly starting to increase her public appearances and will want to refine her image to stay ahead of the fashion game."