Why Was Addison Rae Temporarily Banned From TikTok?

These days, posting videos on TikTok can be a lucrative full-time job. 21 year-old Addison Rae became an overnight star thanks to the platform. According to Page Six, Addison went viral back in 2019 and decided to run with it, dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles to join the Hype House, which upped her profile even more. She's currently the third most followed user on TikTok, behind Khaby Lame and fellow Hype House mate Charli D'Amelio.

Now, Addison is a bona fide celebrity. She just starred in Netflix's "He's All That," an updated remake of the hit '90s teen rom-com "She's All That," and has since signed a multi-picture deal with the streamer, according to Variety. "He's All That" producer Andrew Panay told Variety that Addison was not simply handed her role because of her clout, either. ""It wasn't like someone said, 'Oh, she's a TikTok star, so let's throw her in a movie.' This is something she's always wanted and worked for," he said. "She used [TikTok] to get what she wanted. What's wrong with that?"

While Addison has seemingly moved on to bigger and better things, she remains active on the platform that made her — or at least, she did, until she was recently banned. What happened?

Fans think Addison Ray was banned from TikTok for showing too much booty

Addison Rae tweeted on October 14 that she had been banned from TikTok. "Well time to get a job," she wrote above a screenshot of a notification telling her that her account "was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines." Oh no! So what guidelines did Rae repeatedly violate?

There is no official word yet on why exactly Rae's account got banned, but a Twitter user believes it was due to this video — which is still up on her TikTok — of Rae lip syncing before tilting the camera down to her gyrating (but still clothed) behind. Luckily for Rae, the issue was quickly resolved and her account was reinstated just a few hours later. But other banned TikTok users were not happy, claiming there was a double standard in place for one of the platform's most popular users. One user claimed they got banned for adding an emoji to their bio.

Of course, Addison Rae also isn't the first celeb to be banned from TikTok, although she is arguably the most prominent. In June, Perez Hilton was banned after violating community guidelines as well, per The New York Times.