What Did Prince William Reveal In His First Instagram Q&A?

Prince William is getting candid on social media. The royal, along with his wife Kate Middleton, have become avid social media users in recent years, often posting pictures of their initiatives and their children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — on Instagram. The royal couple also added YouTubers to their long list of roles when they launched an official YouTube channel in May, per Elle. The outlet notes that their foray into different platforms is to let fans and royal watchers get to know them better. Besides increasing their visibility, Forbes also reported that William and Kate could earn millions from their social media channels.

Given the purpose of social media is to share, Prince William did just that when he answered fans' questions in his first Instagram Q&A on October 15, per People, and even had some fun with some of the answers. Find out what he revealed about himself and his family below.

Prince William answered a range of questions during his Q&A

According to People, Prince William had a lot of fun during his first Instagram Q&A on October 15, answering multiple fan questions about himself and his family, including Princess Charlotte. William laughed when he saw the question, "Are unicorns real?" and immediately brought up Charlotte, who has been known for her unicorn obsession. "Well, I think if you talk to my daughter, she'd say they were real," he said, looking amused, before adding, "Obviously, it's a trade secret, so I can't possibly comment." Cute!

Prince William also flexed his multilingual skills when he broke out his Spanish after a person asked him, "Puedes hablar español?" ("Can you speak Spanish?"), to which he responded, "Sí, un poquito" ("Yes, a little"). Another person asked what his perfect Sunday looks like, and William took the chance to give a shout-out to the first-ever Earthshot Prize Awards, which will be held on October 17. The Earthshot Prize is "the most prestigious global environment prize in history," according to the foundation, which is heralded by William and his wife Kate Middleton, both of whom will attend the ceremony. William said that he was "slightly nervous but also very excited" for the celebrations.

Per Global Citizen, the Earthshot Prize Awards will be a star-studded event. In addition to the awards, it will also feature performances by Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Shawn Mendes, and more while Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, David Oyelowo, and more are set to present.