Meghan McCain Is Fuming Over Katie Couric's Latest Revelations About Her Life

When Meghan McCain left "The View" in August after four years as a co-host, it didn't take long for her to start a new job. It was announced in September that she had joined The Daily Mail as a columnist and said in a statement that she was excited to share her opinions without fear of censorship. Since then, McCain has opened up about her "existential crisis" she experienced after her dad, John McCain, died in 2018, criticized Joe Biden on his Build Better Campaign, and expressed disappointment on children getting vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 infections, among other topics.

McCain's outspokenness is not surprising, as she's gotten into numerous feuds with celebrities and politicians over the past few years. Now, she has taken issue with Katie Couric in her latest column over the anchor's revelations in her new memoir, "Going There." Find out why McCain is fuming over the book and what she thinks of Couric below.

Meghan McCain is not a fan of Katie Couric as a journalist

In her October 15 column for the Daily Mail, Meghan McCain lashed out at Katie Couric for her journalistic practices after the veteran journalist admitted in her memoir, "Going There," that she left out comments from Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a 2016 interview to "protect" the late Supreme Court Justice. "How can there be any expectation of trust between anyone with an opinion to the right of Ruth Bader Ginsburg if interviewers and their networks believe editing out commentary they believe would hurt a progressive icon is an ethical thing to do?" McCain questioned in the column, before adding, "...Katie Couric would have afforded no conservative woman any such mercy."

McCain also called each revelation that has come out of Couric's memoir "weirder and grosser than the last," and defended her friend, Ashleigh Banfield, who Couric said she was threatened by earlier in her career. "Katie Couric admitted to ostensibly derailing her career because she was threatened by [Banfield's youth and talent] ... Even if this is something she felt and acted on, writing about it in such a way in her memoir is bizarre," McCain wrote.

Couric has not responded to McCain's comments as of this writing. This isn't the first time the two women have been at odds. Couric critiqued Republicans in January over their support of Donald Trump, per The Hill. McCain fired back on "The View," saying she doesn't "need to be deprogrammed."