Is Sarah Ferguson Really Living With Prince Andrew Again?

From the outside, it might seem like Sarah Ferguson has lived a fairytale life. She married into the royal family, has raised two princesses with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, and while she's had her personal challenges and her difficulties with the press, she's still got enough clout to keep her name in the headlines. While promoting her new book, "Her Heart For A Compass" the Duchess of York told the Financial Times that she knows just how lucky she's been to have afforded the life she's enjoyed. "If I hadn't married a prince, I would be doing exactly what I'm doing now .  .. .  It's this feeling. It makes me happy," she told the publication.

But if there's one thing that a lot of royal fans and critics alike can't help but wonder, it's how her relationship looks like with her ex-husband, the Duke of York. Despite being divorced — and the fact that as of this writing, he's being sued for sexual assault — there's speculation that they might be living together again. Here's what you need to know.

Sarah Ferguson has Andrew's back, for better or for worse

Sarah Ferguson has been spending a lot of time with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The exes were spotted vacationing at Balmoral Castle during the summer, according to Vanity Fair. And now there's speculation that the Duchess of York might have moved back in with her ex-husband, per Hello! magazine. Apparently, Prince Andrew has been living in the Royal Lodge ever since the Queen Mother died in 2004. The publication says that Fergie — as she is known by the media — moved in two years later so the exes could raise their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie under one roof. 

When asked about her unconventional living situation with the Duke of York, Sarah told the Financial Times, "I have my rooms. He's that side and I'm this side. ... Have you seen Royal Lodge? It's quite big  . . .  I have five dogs and he's normally telling me to control them."

And while Fergie admitted that she and Andrew don't have breakfast together, she explained why she defends her ex and still remains by his side. She said that they support each other "like pillars of strength with the honor and integrity of truth," while also adding that Andrew stood by her side during her embarrassing 2010 News of the World sting, when she was caught offering access to him in return of a large payment. If only all divorced couples had relationships like the one Andrew and Fergie have...