Here's How Much Trisha Yearwood Is Really Worth

Trisha Yearwood is a Grammy and Emmy Award-winning singer and television personality who's been in the entertainment industry for thirty years. Her strong voice made audiences around the country fall in love with her, and her affinity for easy, delicious meals gave fans more reason to be devoted.

Throughout her career, Yearwood has amassed an estimated $100 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth, and has a combined $400 million with her husband, country music superstar Garth Brooks. The two have earned plenty of money on their own, but over the course of their marriage, the two have teamed up, using their star power to generate more income through joint projects.

Yearwood's success began because of her singing career, but other ventures have boosted her fortune, giving her the massive financial success she has today. Keep reading to find out how she's earned her money, how she spends it, and how she gives back.

She owes her success to Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore is an icon. Known for her roles in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and the eponymous "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," the comedy queen was a television staple in the 1960s and '70s. So what does she have to do with Trisha Yearwood's career?

Mary Tyler Moore owned MTM Enterprises, the production company responsible for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," per Britannica. A subsidiary of MTM Enterprises was none other than MTM Records, the studio where Yearwood interned and recorded demos, per Outsider.

Yearwood's job at MTM Records didn't just serve as a springboard for her career — it also introduced her to her future husband, Garth Brooks. The two became friends, and Brooks asked Yearwood to record backup vocals for his debut album, as told by Taste of Country. If it weren't for Mary Tyler Moore's record label, Trisha Yearwood might not have risen to fame. How's that for a domino effect?

Trisha Yearwood's rise to fame

For most singers, it takes years, sometimes decades, to land atop the charts, or even make it on the charts at all. Trisha Yearwood's career began a little differently, though. The country music maven catapulted to fame through her first single, "She's In Love With the Boy," which peaked at number one on the country charts, per the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Due to her massive success at the very beginning of her career, Yearwood wasn't worried about not reaching the top, but she was worried about not staying relevant. "Because my first single went No. 1, it was a really great kind of baptism by fire – but the opposite pressure then is to not be a trivia question," Yearwood told Taste of Country regarding the pressure she felt to not become a one-hit-wonder. (We would insert a joke about one-hit wonders, but we can't think of any by name).

Yearwood's worries proved to be unfounded, as she went on to record charting albums, and even achieved one of country music's highest honors: becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Her husband is very, very wealthy

As previously mentioned, a large part of Trisha Yearwood's enormous net worth is thanks to her incredibly successful husband, Garth Brooks. The two are a power couple if there ever was one, still drawing crowds after decades in the music industry. In fact, in 2021, Brooks performed to an audience of nearly 70,000 people on his stadium tour, per Las Vegas Weekly.

Yearwood and Brooks's relationship is more than just money and sold-out concerts, though. The two share a genuine bond, rooted in a friendship that began long before they pursued a romantic relationship. "We had this strong base friendship," Yearwood told Taste of Country of the success of her marriage.

Yearwood and Brooks grew even closer during the COVID-19 pandemic after exposure to the virus forced them to quarantine together. The couple used the circumstances to strengthen their marriage, and Brooks stated, "anyone who knows me knows my world begins and ends with Miss Yearwood," per People. We'll be honest, our quarantine was not nearly as romantic as theirs.

She contributed to coronavirus relief

COVID-19 affected more than just Trisha Yearwood's marriage — she also contracted the virus. "I had what was considered a mild case," she told People of her bout with the illness. She noted, too, that Garth Brooks "would not stay away" and "took really good care" of her.

Before her own battle with COVID-19, though, Yearwood joined forces with Brooks to perform a benefit concert from their home, the proceeds put toward coronavirus relief. "This is something that affects us all," Yearwood said of the pandemic. "It's scary but there's also a comfort in knowing we're all in this together and we will get through it," she said during the concert, as reported by Prevention.

In addition to hosting their benefit concert, Yearwood and Brooks donated $1 million dollars "to coronavirus-related charities and relief efforts," Taste of Country reported. "We're seeing how big things can be when we all do them as one," the couple said in a joint statement of their efforts to provide relief for those heavily affected by the virus.

She's a Food Network star

Aside from being a seriously talented singer, Trisha Yearwood is a seriously talented cook. The multi-hyphenate has been making audiences drool since 2012 on her Food Network show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen." 17 seasons of being a celebrity chef is most certainly a recipe for financial success.

Yearwood doesn't cook on television just for the money, though she truly enjoys it, especially when she's cooking for her loved ones. "When I'm going to be cooking for a crowd, I just enjoy it. I enjoy the process ... It's just kind of that those relationships go together really well with food," she told Mashed. We would love to get an invitation to one of her get-togethers.

The singer-turned-chef doesn't just know what food tastes good to people — she used her gastronomical knowledge to create her own line of dog treats. "We wanted to really work hard to find ingredients that we knew were gonna be safe, and things that would be tasty for dogs," she told Access.

She's a best-selling author

If you've ever watched "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," you've probably wondered where you can find the recipe for whatever tasty meal she's concocting. Fortunately for hungry fans (us), Trisha Yearwood has multiple cookbooks available to bring her Southern delicacies to life, many of which have become bestsellers, bolstering her net worth.

Yearwood wrote her most recent cookbook with her sister and mother, per The Oklahoman. Yearwood's career as a cookbook author began when publishers asked her to write an autobiography, which she did not care to do. "One publisher asked me what I would be interested in writing about, and totally unplanned or premeditated, I said, 'I like to cook,'" she told Nashville Lifestyles.

The chef's influence on epicureans doesn't stop with her television show or her cookbooks. Yearwood collaborated with Williams Sonoma to create her own dinnerware. The singer said it best herself: "when you're successful in one business, sometimes other businesses come calling."

She can sing multiple genres

Not only has Trisha Yearwood dominated the charts with her country albums, but she's also released multiple Christmas albums, and even recorded a Christmas duets album with her husband Garth Brooks. Having recorded multiple holiday records, Yearwood has even written original Christmas music. She told The Boot, "I think, the more the merrier! The more new Christmas songs, the better."

Holiday music isn't the only genre she's dabbled in aside from country. Yearwood also recorded an album of standards honoring Frank Sinatra, called "Let's Be Frank." Most of the tracks were once recorded by Sinatra, one of Yearwood's musical inspirations, per Billboard.

Although Yearwood is sure to earn money from her recordings, it's not her main focus. "I have no idea if people are going to like it. I don't know if radio will play it. I don't care about any of that. I just want to have fun," she said of her reasons for continuing to record at this stage in her career.

Trisha Yearwood's television career

Trisha Yearwood's most successful television venture is undoubtedly "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," but her career on the silver screen far predates Food Network. Yearwood's career began in the 1990s with some small parts in various television shows, including filming six episodes for the show "JAG."

Yearwood found herself in front of television cameras again for a live recording of "The Passion," where she played Mary, mother of Jesus. "It was powerful. I mean, it was kind of like we're all in this together," she told ET of the experience.

One of Yearwood's earliest experiences on television was not as positive as her experience filming "The Passion," though. The singer took to Good Housekeeping to detail a major mishap on a commercial set where the director's idea was much different than hers. The director wanted Yearwood to make out with one of the models, but she refused, explaining, "I was establishing a public image, and I had to think very carefully about how I should be portrayed." We think Yearwood had the right idea on this one.

She has a business degree

Trisha Yearwood has earned her income through myriad streams, one of them being her lifestyle brand, of which she is the CEO. It should come as no surprise that Yearwood has a business degree, according to New Georgia Encyclopedia, which she's been making good use of for years now.

Yearwood is careful to make smart business decisions, and doesn't take just any opportunity that comes her way. "I do things I feel a connection with. I don't put my name on just anything," she told Forbes.

Despite her success in business, television, and writing, Yearwood's heart will always belong to music. "If you made me pick – and I hope I never have to, but if you made me make a choice – well, I would choose music," she told Haute Living. It seems like a wise choice considering her music talent is what brought her success. Well, that and Mary Tyler Moore.

She lives in a luxe home

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks have made a lot of money, and they've spent it on some beautiful properties. The two share a home in Nashville worth approximately $2 million, and the home is stunning. It boasts a beautiful kitchen that served as the original set for Yearwood's show "Trisha's Southern Kitchen," according to Taste of Country.

Their Nashville home isn't the only gorgeous house the two have owned. Yearwood and Brooks also called Malibu home, residing in a multi-million dollar mansion in the posh California town. According to Taste of Country, though, the couple sold this estate a few years back.

Reportedly, Yearwood and Brooks's real estate portfolio doesn't stop there. According to Bay News 9, a rumor circulated locally that Brooks purchased an $8.8 million dollar resort on Anna Maria Island, Florida. It seems like a hefty price tag, but for these two, it's basically a bargain. That being said, there's been no confirmation that the couple actually does own the property.

Trisha Yearwood is very charitable

Trisha Yearwood is busy earning money, but she spends time giving back, too. Yearwood is involved with multiple charitable organizations, one of them being Habitat for Humanity. The singer loves volunteering for them, and has visited places such as New Orleans and Haiti to aid others. "You could just see the difference, especially in their eyes," she said of one of her visits. Yearwood has also partnered with JCPenney to host a brunch benefiting women affected by breast cancer, and a portion of her album sales at the store went to the cause, which she shared with PopCulture.

Her charitable giving doesn't stop there. Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks hosted a gala to benefit organizations based in Texas, and they looked to their country music friends to help with the event, as reported by Cat Country.

Yearwood knows she has influence, and uses it for good, whether it be giving back to her community, or encouraging people to vote via her Instagram account. She summed things up well when she told Taste of Country, "as long as I have a voice, I'm going to use it."