Angelina Jolie Absolutely Stuns On The Red Carpet With Shiloh And Zahara

Angelina Jolie has, once again, stunned the red carpet at the "Eternals" movie premiere. On October 19, the actor was joined by five of her six kids for the Los Angeles premiere, per Page Six, and they paid tribute to their famous mother by donning some of her past Oscar looks. Sixteen-year-old Zahara, in particular, stole the show as she shined in her mother's famous 2014 Elie Saab gown.

Meanwhile, Jolie wore a strapless olive green dress, paired with pointed-toe heels, earrings, and a stunning lip cuff. "My kids are all mixed with vintage, and in my old Oscars dress," she told ET on the red carpet. "We did all vintage and upcycled my old stuff." In the new Marvel movie, the actor plays the role of Thena, a light-haired warrior. According to Jolie, however, her children won't be into Thena's outfits. "Would you wanna see your mother wearing that?" Jolie said at the L.A. premiere. "I don't know, they haven't seen the movie, but your mom walks in with a gold spandex outfit and gold hair, they're like, 'What do you do for a living? What are you? Get back in your robe.'" 

Now, Jolie and her kids attended the "Eternals" premiere in Italy, and their outfits turned heads — again.

Angela Jolie, Zahara, and Shiloh stole the show in Rome

On October 24, Angelina Jolie had jaws dropping at the "Eternals" premiere at the Rome Film Festival in Italy. Unlike the Los Angeles premiere, she was joined by just two of her kids: 16-year-old Zahara and 15-year-old Shiloh. 

As reported by People, Jolie's red carpet look consisted of a custom-made silver Versace gown and Vhernier jewelry. Shiloh went with a more lowkey, black option from the Italian designer, paired with leopard print yellow sneakers. Zahara, meanwhile, chose another vintage dress, though it wasn't from her mother's closet. For the occasion, she wore a Greek-inspired white dress with gold embellishments from Catwalk Designer Vintage. 

Though the L.A. premiere was the first time Zahara had worn one of Jolie's dresses on the red carpet, it seems that she loves digging in her mother's fashion archives. "Enjoying your vintage pieces, if you have them, and rediscovering some vintage shops seems like part of the way forward," Jolie told British Vogue in February. "Z [Zahara] and I share the perfume products, such as the lotion and the body wash," she continued. "I love that she and I will remember each other by a smell. Especially as my first memory of Guerlain was the scent of my mother's powder."