Kenya Moore's Biggest Feuds On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If there is one thing Kenya Moore can do, it's keep the viewers hooked onto "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" with all the drama she tends to play a part in. The Bravo star joined the cast back in 2012, and she has seamlessly become one of the most iconic players in reality television history. She delivers cutting shade, sly commentary, and unrivaled drama with all her onscreen antics, all while twirling, flaunting her gorgeous tresses, and being unquestionably "'Gone with the Wind' fabulous." 

Moore is such a heavy hitter that even when she took a mini-break to focus on her marriage and pregnancy back in 2018, she still managed stir the pot by making a surprise appearance in one episode — the finale — of Season 11. In fact, Moore's impact on "RHOA" is so undeniable, Andy Cohen revealed in 2020 that her longstanding nemesis, NeNe Leakes, has even acknowledged how Moore's drama queen ways are still "good for the show" (via Meaww). 

With nearly a decade of "RHOA" under her belt, she has of course ruffled some serious feathers to get to where she is now. Below, check out some of Kenya Moore's biggest feuds on this "Real Housewives" franchise.

Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks' friendship gone sour

They say never do business with family or friends, and the relationship between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks might just show us exactly why. The former Miss USA-turned-film producer joined the "RHOA" cast in Season 5, and she and Parks hit it off. They both had a knack for the finer things (one of them being Parks' husband, Apollo Nida, but more on that later), threw shade at the other women, and were passionate about fitness. So, when attorney Parks decided to create a fitness DVD, she hired gal pal Moore to produce the video, which was known as "Donkey Booty."

Unfortunately, things fell through in the course of negotiations. In a 2013 Bravo blog post, Parks claimed that the deal failed because Moore didn't give them a production budget, nor was she transparent about an "alleged distribution deal that we never agreed to nor received any paperwork for." For her part, Moore argued that her role in the entire deal was to make the DVD, and that she only vetted for a deal because of her friendship with Parks. 

The women found themselves at an impasse they couldn't get past and just like that, the friendship was over. Moore, in retaliation, went on to release a competing DVD, nicknamed "Stallion Booty" (via Entertainment Weekly). Neither video fortified these ladies as the next Jillian Michaels, but the feud was entertaining to watch, nonetheless.

Round two: Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks' feud over Apollo Nida

The DVD bit is really just a morsel of the drama in Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks' longstanding feud. The real rift happened when Moore became a little too close with the multi-employed mother-of-two's then-husband, Apollo Nida, during a cast trip to Anguilla in Season 5. At the time, Moore's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson, was on the fritz and she was acting flirty with several men. She turned her attention to Nida, who then reciprocated by playfully jumping in the pool with her. For Parks, that was strike one.  

Strike two took place when Nida alleged that Moore sent him some salacious texts when they were both (separately) in Los Angeles. Moore denied the allegations, but for PhaePhae, that was one strike too many. At the Season 6 reunion, Parks gave Moore one of the most iconic verbal lashings in all of "Real Housewives" history. Though it was later found out that Nida lied about the text messages, things between Moore and Parks were never the same. The pair tried to mend their relationship in Season 8, but one little divorce party following Moore and Nida's 2014 split sent the friendship train off the rails again.

These days, however, things seem to be better. "You know what? Honestly, we don't have a relationship, but we've been on each other's social media and we've made jokes and stuff," Moore said during a 2021 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live." "So I think it's pretty cordial."

Inside Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams' feud beginnings

Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams have been at each other's necks pretty much since they both joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in 2012. It all started when the granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams mispronounced Moore's former pageant title while hosting a charity event (via ScreenRant), introducing her as Miss America instead of Miss USA. She didn't take it well. "How do you get that wrong?" Moore asked viewers in her confessional. "It's not as though it's the biggest ordeal. ... You courted me to come to your event. That's the least you can do is get my title right." 

Moore seemingly took the mishap and ran with it, and her feud with Williams hit a very nasty crescendo when the ladies were at the Season 6 reunion in 2014. After spending the past year trading insults back and forth, Moore ramped up the antics by bringing a scepter and bullhorn to the taping. In addition using said bullhorn to speak over Williams whenever she tried to express herself, Moore accused her of cheating on her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, which infamously prompted Williams to drag Moore by the hair. 

"I've been through too much!" Williams, who later posted $2,000 bail after being charged with misdemeanor battery, screamed. Moore, as she stormed off the stage, merely declared, "I'm done. She goes or I go." Phaedra Parks later told Andy Cohen, "Kenya has a way of provoking people. She's like a big bully. She talks a lot of talk, but cannot walk the walk."

Neither of these Real Housewives were 'done'

But alas, Porsha Williams was in fact not "done." She later came back to "RHOA" in a smaller capacity, issued an apology to Us Weekly, and enrolled in anger management, which we saw unfold in Season 7. Her relationship with Kenya Moore, however, remained on the fritz with the two continuously throwing jabs at each other in subsequent seasons. It seemed like everything was on the up and up though, when in Season 12, they patched things up — at least, temporarily. Both ladies had given birth to two beautiful daughters merely five months apart in 2018, had found common ground over their new motherhood experiences, and were in seemingly stable relationships. 

Unfortunately, things fell apart when Moore implied that Williams wasn't a good friend after apparently failing to show support to her expecting bestie, Shamea Morton (via ScreenRant). By the time Season 13 rolled around, it felt as though the duo's amends had never happened. Things somehow went from bad to worse when Williams, now single, was accused of having a fling with an exotic dancer named Bolo, who was hired as entertainment for Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party. Moore appeared pressed at the reunion (via People) when Williams wouldn't admit to the claims, feeling as though she didn't need to explain anything to Moore and that she wasn't inquiring as a friend. 

"In the past, I've always given her the power, I've given her the energy, I've decided to engage, and there's nothing but negativity there," Williams stated in a 2021 after show. But no more.

Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes started off as friends

This is yet another one of Kenya Moore's friendships that unfortunately turned sour. When the Detroit native joined "RHOA" in Season 5, OG cast member NeNe Leakes was quick to play mother hen — working to make sure Moore "integrated" into the group seamlessly and even tried to play "mediator" in her feud with Porsha Williams, as Showbiz CheatSheet put it. And while they always swapped friendly shade, things reached the point of no return in Season 6, when Leakes accused the "Dancing With the Stars" contestant of being the sole instigator of an explosive brawl between the ladies' husbands, which happened at a pajama party Leakes had been hosting. 

Moore refused to accept total blame, but wanted to make it up to Leakes by throwing a surprise charity ball in her honor. However, Leakes saw this as one of Moore's dramatic antics and questioned her sincerity in a short surprise speech. Over the subsequent years, the two have continued to have heated exchanges, with one particular gaffe resulting in Leakes fake-spitting popcorn at Moore during a group trip to Greece, and Moore once telling TMZ that Leakes is a "bully" with "very few ... real friends" on the Bravo show.

By the time Leakes exited the series for the second (and seemingly last) time after Season 12, the pair's relationship seemed beyond salvageable. Moore did, however, attend Gregg Leakes' funeral in September 2021, along with the rest of the cast (via ET).

Was Kenya Moore jealous of Kim Fields?

There's a fine line between creating entertaining drama and being an outright bully — and some fans felt that Kenya Moore skirted that line or even crossed it in Season 8 of "RHOA." Bravo wanted to give some new life to the cast and brought in "Living Single" star Kim Fields. She seemed to be a good pick — she was an accomplished actor and producer, a devout mother and wife, and she had been living in ATL for some time. Easy, right? Wrong. As soon as Fields stepped onto the scene, Moore appeared to be intimidated and jealous of her, feelings that seemingly heightened when Fields hit it off with Moore's BFF, Cynthia Bailey.

Moore ramped up the drama when Bailey decided Fields would be the better woman of the two to direct her sunglasses commercial, since Fields had more experience. In an admitted overreaction, Moore refused to participate and in one heated, dramatic exchange, pulled Fields' chair while at the dinner table. Thankfully, Fields took the high road and decided to walk away, so the situation didn't escalate any further. 

At the reunion show, Fields finally addressed Moore and got the opportunity to fully say her piece. While Moore later apologized on "Watch What Happens Live," telling Andy Cohen that she was "mortified" by her "unacceptable" behavior, Fields made it clear in a February 2021 interview on "The Wendy Williams Show" that these two won't be friends anytime soon: Asked if she ever sees Moore, she responded, "When she's on something, if I'm scrolling."

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield's battle of the mansions

To us mere mortals, any home with a pool in the backyard is a steal. But for these bad and boujee "Real Housewives," it also has to have features like a custom interior with fixtures from Rome, a walk-in closet that can house a small family, and a multi-car garage for all their fancy imports. Any lack thereof and your abode is subject to some serious shade. That was the catalyst in this epic battle of the homes. 

In Season 8 of "RHOA," veteran housewife Shereé Whitfield had a soft return to the franchise in a mere "friend" role, per Yahoo!. Though she was only there for a few episodes, Moore managed to ruffle the She by Shereé founder's feathers by questioning why her house wasn't finished yet, despite the fact that Whitfield had broken ground years prior. In retaliation, Whitfield shot back, saying Moore's new house — which was in her neck of the woods — was in a ditch and asked if there was mold inside. In Season 8, Whitfield came back full-time and was invited to the opening of Moore Manor. She spent the evening pointing out all the incomplete details within the house, which was bought, renovated, and moved into within six months. On the season's finale, Whitfield officially opened the doors to Chateau Shereé and, of course, Moore returned the shady favor

These days, however, these two seem to have patched up their friendship, and Moore even drops by the Chateau whenever she's in need of some potatoes, apparently. 

The RHOA star goes toe to toe with Kim Zolciak

The Moore Manor vs. Chateau Shereé debacle led to another epic "RHOA" showdown — Kenya Moore vs. Kim Zolciak. During the launch of Chateau Shereé, Moore took an unsolicited house tour and found herself in Shereé Whitfield's basement, much to latter's chagrin. Zolciak, who had long been friends with Whitfield since the show's 2008 debut, didn't approve of the move and called out the Detroit native right then and there. The confrontation sparked a beef that bled into Season 10 of the hit show. 

During an all-white party hosted by NeNe Leakes, Zolciak claimed that Moore's super secret marriage to Marc Daly was a sham and that he didn't even exist. Moore then launched a grenade, telling Zolciak, "Worry about your life and the daughter you pimp out for John Legend tickets." The comment was referencing an old tweet, in which Zolciak asked Chrissy Teigen for some tickets to see the soulful crooner perform live because her son was "obsessed" with him. "Who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL" she concluded. The tweet, of course, wasn't received well by everyone in the Twittersphere, and Zolciak received major backlash.

At the Season 10 reunion, Moore was among the women who held Zolciak's feet to the fire for her behavior throughout the season. She took more shots at Zolciak's family, claiming at one point that her husband "acts like her valet" and "even does her makeup." Needless to say, these two are still not on speaking terms. 

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton break up to make up

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton first became bosom buddies back in Season 6, when the latter "RHOA" star fell out with Nene Leakes after a decade-long friendship. At the time, Moore was also at odds with the self-proclaimed "rich b**ch" — so she and Hampton had common ground. Fast forward to Season 9, when Hampton revealed to Shereé Whitfield that the two weren't seeing eye-to-eye anymore. Hampton believed that the rift between them was because Moore was getting along with Leakes again, explaining to Whitfield, "I guess she just wants to go by her status level of friends."

Things went from bad to worse in Season 12: Moore brought a full marching band to Hampton's wig line launch. "Marlo is not known for good wigs, she's not known for hair, she's not known for edges," she stated in her confessional. "She's bald headed to the back of her skull, so I'm not interested in supporting Marlo's wig line." 

After going at it in Season 13 again, it looks like the two have once again come out on the other side. In April 2021, Hampton told "The Daily Dish" podcast that the relationship was on the mend. "Kenya and I are great. ... With Kenya already crossing me before and betraying my trust, I'm just taking baby steps with her," Hampton stated. "... It feels amazing, I will say. And it just feels good to where if I do need something, I can call her."

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan's on-and-off relationship

After years of being chided and picked on because she was always single, it looked like Kenya Moore was finally going to shut down the naysayers when she started dating a guy named Matt Jordan, who first made an appearance in Season 8. Unfortunately, it didn't take too long for that relationship to turn sour either, because when Season 9 rolled around, the pair had been on-again, off-again multiple times, and things seemed to be going from slightly rocky to down-right tumultuous.  

Jordan had been a great supporter of Moore purchasing Moore Manor and, as such, she felt he should be around to see the finished product. "He helped me repair, build, fix, love this house," she professed to BFF Cynthia Bailey (via People). "I eventually saw us being here together." This led to a brief reconciliation, but shortly thereafter, the two were at it again — and in another attempt to smooth things over, Moore invited Jordan come over so they could talk. However, she was shocked when he appeared to show up drunk at 2 a.m., and when she wouldn't let him in, he kicked in her garage door's window

That fight basically marked the end of their relationship, but they would later have another on-camera argument sparked by the fact that Jordan assumed there would be no film crew when he arrived. "I'm done," Moore shared in a text-post on Instagram at the time, adding in the caption, "We all deserve to be loved. Don't ever settle."

Inside Kenya Moore's rocky relationship with Marc Daly

Kenya Moore stunned "RHOA" fans when she turned up married in 2017. The reality TV star quietly tied the knot with restauranteur Marc Daly in a secret ceremony in St. Lucia (via People). The nuptials, of course, became a hot topic on the show, given the fact that the wedding was so undercover that even bestie Cynthia Bailey didn't know about it. The focus became about the housewives meeting Daly, with the likes of Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes questioning whether the marriage was even real in the first place. 

Daly was indeed a phantom figure for most of that season, but when he finally made his debut in Season 11, fans were left feeling concerned for Moore over Daly's seemingly controlling ways — he appeared to run the show, while Moore didn't have much say. In one particular episode, Daly wanted to plan a charity event for the Black Man Lab. Moore, having been a resident of Atlanta for decades, decided to take the lead in the planning because she knew all the right people. Daly, however, appeared to be dismissive of Moore's suggestions and even snubbed her by not thanking her for putting the night together. 

The pair separated in 2019, but seemed to have a brief reconciliation in 2020. However, Moore officially filed for divorce in August 2021, and was ready to move on by that October, telling Page Six she was looking forward to "meet[ing] a great guy," adding, "Someone who's really kind and funny and makes me laugh,"