Love Island (UK) Season 8 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Millie Court and Liam Reardon were not the only winners of British "Love Island" Season 7. While the two may have earned bragging rights — and the £50,000 cash prize (which equates to just over $69,700 USD) — other contestants also walked away with incredible deals. 

According to The Sun, Liberty Poole was really the biggest winner of the seventh season of "Love Island." The bombshell blonde may have quit on Day 54 of the show, but she also scored a $1.3 million fashion collaboration deal with In The Style, as well as a six-figure payday with Skinny Tan. Fans will also see more of Liberty in 2022, since she has been tapped to appear on "Dancing on Ice," per The Mirror.

Additionally, "Love Island" Season 7 contestant Lucinda Strafford has scored her own fashion line, while Toby Aromolaran caught the eye of Boohoo's men's line. Of course, Millie has had her pick of deals and endorsements after winning the reality show. She has signed a contract, allegedly worth millions, with ASOS, per Capital FM

With the success of all of the previous seasons — both ratings-wise and cast-wise — here's the scoop on "Love Island" Season 8.

Love Island (UK) Season 8 release date

Good news for fans of Great Britain's "Love Island"! Liverpool Echo reports that the series will definitely return next year. In fact, it seems as if Season 8 may hit screens by the end of June 2022. The show had some phenomenal ratings in its seventh season, which ended on August 23, the ITV network's head honcho Kevin Lygo told Evening Standard. "We're delighted that the final ended on a ratings high, rounding off a series that is on track to be the most popular yet," he gushed So clearly, it makes sense that the reality show is returning.

Liam Reardon and Millie Court became the first couple of late entrant Islanders to win the show when they emerged triumphant in Season 7. The couple posted a video on Twitter thanking their fans for their support after being crowned the winners. "We've had literally the summer of our lives, and we're going to leave here and explore our future together, we can't wait, can we?" Millie said. And a quick look at Millie's Instagram reveals that the two are still together. Will Season 8's contestants have the same luck? Here's what we know.

The cast of Love Island Season 8

The magic of "Love Island" is all in the contestants — and the chemistry they bring to the show. The registration forms for Season 8 of the UK version are out, and it seems you have to meet some stringent requirements to be considered for the series. ITV's casting call dishes that they want "vibrant singles from across the UK" to apply, but you must be at least 18, have a passport, and be available to film for at least 10 weeks. As in every season, the cast will live in a "luxury villa" — but each couple has to win over both viewers and their castmates in order to walk away with the ultimate prize. 

Once contestants are in the villa, a whole new set of rules come into play, according to Grazia. Love Islanders may not have more than two drinks per day, ever take off their mics, or even read a book. Montana Brown, who appeared on the 2017 season of "Love Island (UK)," spoke about her experience in the villa, and how she was never aware of the time. As she told The Independent's podcast, "They'll wake you up by putting the lights on or a voiceover will say 'Islanders, it's time to get up.'"

While thousands will undoubtedly apply for Season 8 of the reality show, there are those who are kind of over the whole thing — which is crucial.

Disillusioned Love Island fans have the final vote

There are plenty of "Love Island" couples that are still together: Even though they may not have won the grand prize, many walked away with a new partner and a romance of a lifetime. However, the BBC reports that many fans have become disillusioned with the show. According to the outlet, viewers were initially fascinated with the idea of a summer fling. Back in 2015, many contestants who entered the competition were searching for love. 

But now, per the BBC (and as evidenced by the contestants' burgeoning careers), many of the stars of each season go on to become Instagram influencers — or at least reality stars with significant followings. Therefore, viewers feel that the cast's isn't really on the show for the right reasons

Either way, fans will always have the last say. After all, they not only have a vote for who they want to win the competition — they also have a vote in whether they wish to change the channel. But for now, "Love Island" Season 8 seems to be a sure thing, and many fans cannot wait for the drama. Until then, here's the tea on Season 4 of the American spin-off "Love Island USA."