How Cristiano Ronaldo Is Expanding His Family In A Huge Way

Cristiano Ronaldo has been doing family his own way for more than a decade now. In 2010, the Portuguese soccer star welcomed a son and vowed to raise him as a single dad, as The Telegraph reported. Ronaldo announced on his social media accounts that he had an agreement with the biological mother, an American, to keep her identity confidential. "[M]y son will be under my exclusive guardianship. I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy (and that of the child) at least on issues as personal as these are," Ronaldo said. 

Junior was born right when Ronaldo began dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, who seemed to have a close relationship with the boy, as seen in Ronaldo's Instagram photos from the time. In June 2017, Ronaldo became a second-time father, this time to twins, Eva and Mateo. Like his eldest, the twins were also born in the U.S. to a mother whose identity has also been kept secret. The Daily Mail reported that the children had been born in California via surrogate, a practice that is not allowed in his native Portugal.

When Eva and Mateo were born, Ronaldo was already in a relationship with Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, who was herself several months pregnant when the twins were born. In November of that year, Ronaldo and Rodriguez welcomed a daughter, Alana Martina, as Ronaldo announced on Twitter. Now, the Manchester United forward is expanding his unique family once again.

Cristiano Ronaldo is expecting another set of twins

The father of four is now set to become a father of six. On October 28, Cristiano Ronaldo announced via his Instagram page he and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, will become parents once again. "Delighted to announce we are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love — we can't wait to meet you," he captioned the photo, in which both can be seen holding the sonogram in bed (pictured above). Rodriguez shared the exact same post on her own Instagram page.

Having six kids around might seem like a handful for most people, but Ronaldo has been open about how much he enjoys being a father. When Ronaldo is not sharing his professional content on Instagram — Ronaldo is nothing more than the most followed person on Instagram, with 360 million followers — he is sharing snaps of his children. "Seeing my family grow is, honestly, the greatest privilege I have had. I enjoy every second. Fatherhood has taught me aspects of love that I never knew existed. It has softened me up and given me a new perspective on what really matters in life," Ronaldo told Hola! (via Marca) in 2017, when Alana, his forth child, was born. He is also a hands-on dad who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. "Of course I change the [diapers]. It's not the thing I like best in the world, but I do it," he told a Spanish outlet (via People). Congratulations to the happy family!