Inside Kristin Chenoweth's Engagement To Josh Bryant

She said yes! "Wicked" star Kristin Chenoweth has gotten engaged to guitarist Josh Bryant, Vogue reported. Her now-fiance popped the question on the rooftop of Rockefeller Center's legendary and luxurious Rainbow Room following a day to themselves in the city. "My best friend and soulmate said 'YES' to me!" Bryant told the magazine. "Kristin is my world, my everything, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her!" Aww!

Chenoweth seemed just as excited. "I've been the runaway bride," she told Vogue. "Now that I've found him, I won't let him go. I will race to greet him at the altar." For Chenoweth, this race has been less of a sprint and more of a marathon. She has dated several stars over the course of her career, from Seth Green to Aaron Sorkin, per Hollywood Life, but the relationships all ultimately fizzled. She spoke about her dating troubles with People in 2018, acknowledging that her demanding career endeavors made it difficult to have a personal life. "Relationships need to be developed like flowers need to be watered," she said. "I have not been great at that part of the balance, so I would like to learn to make the time for that special someone."

And now it looks like she has! Here's everything we know about her engagement and her fiance.

Kristin and Josh met at a wedding

Kristin Chenoweth first met Josh Bryant in 2016 at Chenoweth's niece's wedding, according to Vogue. Bryant was a guitarist in Backroad Anthem, his band which was performing at the nuptials. The two were reunited in 2018, this time at Chenoweth's nephew's wedding, where Backroad Anthem was also booked to play. The couple began dating that August and got engaged three years later.

Bryant is pretty low-profile compared to most of Chenoweth's exes, although he does boast nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram. His bio states he is a "Guitar Player" and a "Lover of Jesus." He and Chenoweth likely bonded over religion, as she has been outspoken about her faith in the past. "I feel my purpose is to be a Christian actress," she told The New York Times in 2005, "to show people that there are nonjudgmental, liberal Christians." 

Bryant's bio also states that he is from Arkansas but based in Nashville. It's unclear if he will stay in Nashville — or if he is even still based there — following his engagement to Chenoweth, who presumably lives in New York. Bryant has tagged Instagram photos of them all over the country, so clearly they are willing to travel for each other.