How Much Money Has Donald Trump Raised Since Being Banned From Social Media?

Former presidents often retreat to a life less hectic after leaving the White House, but not Donald Trump. Even though he failed at his bid for a second term in office in 2020, he's still been making the media rounds, organizing rallies for his supporters, and dropping hints that he's still got work to do for the country. Or at least, that's what he is still regularly putting forth in splashy interviews. 

While speaking to Jeanine Pirro in a recent sit-down with Fox News, Trump opened up about the current state of our country, including his hometown of New York City. He said, "You look at New York what's going on with the crime ... New York is like a different place. Here is the good news. It could be changed, okay? ... [Bill] de Blasio is the worst mayor. It is filthy dirty." And as Trump began the interview, perhaps unsurprisingly, "It's probably the worst presidency in history ..."

Although Trump left office in a blaze of controversy, his real estate empire seems to be struggling, and a continuing ban from most social media platforms is muffling his voice — he is still prompting change and talking his talk. Now, as far as how much money he's managed to raise since his ban from social media — that has a lot of people quite shocked. 

Donald Trump has raised an impressive $100 million

Apparently, Donald Trump has a mission and that mission seems to be include turning things around by 2024. According to The Washington Post (via Business Insider), the former President of the United States has managed to collect $100 million, thanks to fundraising efforts, since his widespread social media ban. The publication reported that Trump currently has three sources that are helping him in his fundraising needs, including Save America PAC, Save America Joint Fundraising Committee, and the Make America Great Again PAC.

As Business Insider wrote, citing WaPo, "Advisers say that the former president has been consistently raising more than $1 million per week, often reaching totals nearing $2 million." The Save America PAC, meanwhile, spent $100,000 a week last month on Facebook ads as the PAC isn't banned, showing that things aren't slowing down. 

That being said, there's a catch. The funds, which are declared to the Federal Election Commission, cannot be used to run. As Business Insider added, "He can use the money to fund his current political operations, including paying for staff and rallies," but in terms of 2024, legally speaking, "he would have to start from scratch." But the fact that Trump is drumming up this amount of money while still banned from social media, his favorite way to get the word out, is eye-opening.