How Did Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Run Into Jennifer Garner?

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween. Whether it's dressing up as a macabre character and trick-or-treating or sitting back and watching a good horror movie, there are plenty of scares to experience on the final day of October. But regardless of such, no number of slasher films or strange costumes could prepare Ben Affleck for what was to come.

It is a feeling no one ever wishes for. It is a scenario no one ever dreams about. As the great Andy Bernard once put it, "My ex is meeting my ex... which is always scary." At least that's what we imagined Affleck must've felt when he and gal pal Jennifer Lopez ran into his ex and mother of their three kids, Jennifer Garner ... talk about terrifying!

Despite the meeting of the two Jennifers (and one Ben in between), Affleck seems to have made it out of the situation relatively unscathed. But this begs the question — how exactly did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez run into Jennifer Garner? We've got you with the inside scoop.

Trick-or-treating brought Bennifer and Jennifer Garner together

As parents, it must be a mix of emotions taking your children trick-or-treating. On one hand, you have the bubbling excitement of seeing your beloved child dressed up in an adorable get-up as their faces beam at the prospect of free candy. On the other hand, parents also have to be wary about keeping track of their tots and greeting the neighbors they secretly despise.

For Ben Affleck, these projected emotions perhaps came to a head when he and Jennifer Lopez reportedly "bumped into" his former flame, Jennifer Garner, as a photo agency told the Daily Mail. According to the outlet, the couple ran into Garner amidst trick-or-treating in a private, gated community in Malibu, California. It was noted that the trio wasn't actually photographed together, but "Bennifer" was spotted with Affleck's son, Samuel, and Lopez's son, Maximilian.

Affleck shares son Samuel and daughters Violet and Seraphina with Garner, to whom he was married from 2005 to 2018. Lopez, on the other hand, is mother to twins Maximilian and Emme with Marc Anthony. The couple was married in 2004 and split in 2011, with their divorce being finalized three years later. As the Daily Mail wrote, "as Affleck and Garner have been cordial co-parenters after their split" ... it's probable that the group all planned to all trick-or-treat in the same vicinity. But that did mean a spooky run-in with ghosts of relationships' past!