The Real Reason Aaron Rodgers Completely Changed His Look

By now we've probably all seen that infamous Aaron Rodgers meme. You know the one. It shows the quarterback laying down on the field during a game in his full Green Bay Packers gear with his helmet coming up over his head and a very bemused look on his face.

The hilarious moment inspired various quips from football fans the world over, particularly over on NFL Meme's Facebook page where somewhat of a caption contest broke out in the comments section. "I knew another legendary meme had been born when it happened," one person commented, while another joked, "My daughter when she hears me going through her Halloween candy in the kitchen." Rodgers himself even saw the funny side, changing his Twitter header to an edited version of the photo showing him shooting lazers from his eyes.

What really made the snap though was the fact that it didn't actually look a whole lot like the Rodgers we know and love. The multi-millionaire football superstar showed off a scruffier beard and longer locks we're not really used to seeing, making him look almost totally different to the man who caused quite the stir when he went public with his secret romance with Shailene Woodley in early 2021. But why exactly did he look so different? Well, the answer might surprise you.

Aaron Rodgers' long hair

Talk about dedication to the season! Aaron Rodgers somewhat dramatic new look was all for a role of shorts, as he really threw himself into the Halloween spirit. It turns out Rodgers grew out his locks so he could take on the role of Keanu Reeves' iconic former hitman, John Wick.

Rodgers took to Instagram to show off his costume (which was pretty spot on), first sharing a black and white photo recreating a scene where Wick looks into a dog's eyes. The athlete starred as Wick with his hands on the pooch's face and tagged teammate David Bakhtiari in the October 31 upload.

But that wasn't all. You didn't think he'd go through all that trouble just for one photo did you? Rodgers followed up with another Instagram post in which he showed off multiple poses, including flashing a fake gun and running with the dog. He included a few snaps of Reeves in character to show just how much he resembled Wick, writing in the caption, "I'm thinking I'm back... Para Bellum."

Rodgers revealed his long locks were for a costume in September, saying on "The Pat McAfee Show," "I have a month-ish until Halloween and this has been a year in the making for my costume." He added the person he was dressing as was "a hero of his," but kept the rest a mystery... until now, of course.

Judging by all that effort, we have to say it was worth the wait.