How Micah Plath Really Feels About His Move To Los Angeles

Season 3 of "Welcome to Plathville" had a dramatic end, with Ethan and Olivia Plath, Micah Plath, and Moriah Plath deciding to move away from their tiny Georgia town. The plus? They'd be far away from Kim and Barry Plath, the matriarch and patriarch often at the center of drama for the Plath kids and daughter-in-law Oliva. 

Here's what went down: Ethan and Olivia originally planned to relocate to Tampa to live with Micah, as well as Moriah and her beau, Max. But Micah ultimately changed his mind in favor of Los Angeles to try his luck as an actor/model. The second oldest Plath son is only 20 as of this writing, and he's already landed countless modeling gigs, so why not give it a go in the City of Angels? But in a video clip from the November 2 finale, mother Kim had a darker take: "They just want to get away from us." Um, you think? 

So far, Micah seems happy in Los Angeles, posting Instagram pics hiking in the desert and goofing around on Halloween. But how does Micah really feel about his decision?

Micah Plath likes LA but misses his siblings

"Welcome to Plathville" star Micah Plath appears to like his life in Los Angeles, but his posts on social media showed how much he misses his siblings and sister-in-law Olivia. Micah posted multiple family photos via Instagram on November 4 with the caption, "As many of you know I've made a big move out to Los Angeles, what an adventure it's been so far! ... But I really miss these special people!" He added, "I want them to come out to la soon:)." Moriah Plath left a funny comment in typical little sister fashion on his Instagram post, joking she "might not like" the photos because of how she looks. She ended her comment, saying, "Miss you sorta." Translation? Moriah misses her brother a ton

But some fans worry about Micah in the big city alone. The "Welcome to Plathville" subreddit had feelings about Micah's move to LA; one Redditor wrote, "I'm really worried about Micah in Hollywood. He's so naive. He's gonna be eaten alive." Micah seemed to hint about this a little bit in his post, noting how making new friends and dealing with LA gas prices were an adjustment. 

However, Micah is tougher than he looks; after all, he survived the arguably complicated household of Kim and Barry Plath. He also learned how to be independent early on. "I, for one, never got that close with my parents," Micah told Fox News in August. "I feel like there were just so many of us and I feel like my parents couldn't invest the time in each of us."