The Truth About Moriah Plath's Relationship With Her Boyfriend

One of the stars of TLC's Welcome to Plathville is Moriah Plath. Moriah broke all the rules in the second season of the reality series when she got her first boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. We have the latest scoop about Moriah's relationship with Max, but we want to revisit why Moriah makes the TLC show must-see TV.

Moriah is the "rebel" daughter of Kim and Barry Plath, who have raised their nine (9!) children in a strict fundamentalist Christian home. The Plaths mandated very strict rules for their children; according to TLC, the Plath kids "have never had a soda, don't know who Spiderman or Tom Brady is, and have never watched TV." The Duggar family seems wild compared to the Plaths!

Jim Bob Duggar may have disowned Jinger Duggar Vuolo for moving to California, aka "the land of heathens." But Barry and Kim believe their daughter-in-law Olivia Plath is possessed by evil spirits. Reality TV blogger Katie Joy reports that Kim and Barry believe evil spirits possess Olivia!

Moriah broke away from her parents, and she's living like a normal teenager. The 19-year-old seems to be having fun with her boyfriend, Max. Moriah and her beau followed a rocky road to their romance; keep reading to learn more about Max and Moriah.

Max Kallschmidt gives Moriah Plath much needed positive reinforcement

Moriah Plath is considered a wayward child by her parents, but dating and talking on a mobile phone is not rebellious in most American families. Moriah had her first date at 18 and then became Instagram official with her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. From his social media posts and his time on Welcome to Plathville, it seems Max is a nice guy who gives Moriah a much-needed dose of positive reinforcement and love.

According to Screen Rant, Max graduated from high school in 2019 and currently attends Tallahassee Community College, studying building construction management. Moriah's boyfriend juggles school and a business; he's the owner of Anchor 23 Marketing. Max is nice and he works hard? Color us impressed.

In February 2021, Moriah posted a photo on Instagram with her boyfriend, with lots of emojis and a sweet caption: "9 months of heaven! And our first Valentine's together❤️💋 Least to say... I'm so crazy about you!🖤❤️⚓️💘😜 I love you @maxkall2.0." Max also posted on Instagram to celebrate the couple's nine-month anniversary.

Max will probably be on season 3 of Plathville (via Screen Rant). The couple broke up for two months in 2020, but they are back together, stronger than ever. Moriah's conservative parents, Barry and Kim Plath, almost fainted when Max came rolling in on his motorcycle to meet the 'rents. Max might drive a motorcycle, but he's nothing short of a knight in shining armor for Moriah.

Moriah Plath seems happy with boyfriend Max Kallschmidt

Fans loved seeing Moriah Plath and her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, together on TLC's Welcome to Plathville. The 19-year-old doesn't seem to get any emotional support from her parents, so fans are glad Moriah finds happiness and love with Max. Watching Moriah and Kim Plath interact on the show was heartbreaking at times. Viewers had a front-row seat to Kim's negativity toward her daughter and watched Moriah's reaction.

There is a sub-Reddit devoted to the TLC hit series and many posts about Barry and Kim Plath's poor parenting. One Redditor thinks Kim is evil, saying, "What a terrible human being. I hope she loves Barry a lot because its just going to be the 2 of them for the rest of their lives after their last kid turns 18." Another Redditor posted, "My heart breaks for these kids. Micah and Moriah were telling Kim and Barry that they didn't prepare them, really hurt." Micah and Moriah confronted their parents about their upbringing in season 2. Micah reveals that Barry and Kim didn't put a lot of effort into homeschooling their children. The adult Plath kids didn't get a GED, adding one more challenge for these kids.

Finally, the series has not fully outlined the story about Moriah moving out. There are rumors the Plaths kicked out Moriah when she was 17. Many fans are thrilled the teenager is finally experiencing normal life.