Welcome To Plathville: Does Micah Plath Have A Girlfriend?

A lot has changed for Micah Plath since the debut of Welcome to Plathville back in November 2019. In less than a year, he completely turned his lifestyle around, leaving behind his family's strict rules and venturing out on his own. Since his debut on TLC, Micah has launched a modeling career (he has since signed with Select Model Management, and steamy shoots have become the norm on his Instagram), moved out of his parents' home, become a proud motorcycle owner... and started dating.

As Micah revealed in November 2020, he rented a house with his sister Moriah, explaining, "Me and my parents basically came to a mutual agreement for me to move out. It's been pretty awesome." he admitted. Part of that awesomeness likely comes from his newfound freedom to date without facing reproach from Kim and Barry.

So does Micah Plath have a girlfriend now that he no longer needs to rush into marriage? Here's what we know.

Micah Plath almost walked down the aisle

In May 2020, Micah went Instagram official with a woman named Lexi Marie by posting a since-deleted photo that he captioned, "Life has been amazing with this girl! Can't believe God put you in my life! Love you so much!!!" Although he didn't offer up a lot of details about Lexi Marie, sister Moriah sure seemed to approve, commenting, "Love both of y'all." Micah's girlfriend responded by calling Moriah her "forever sister."

Despite those promising signs, it wasn't in the cards. As Micah revealed during a 4th of July celebration on the show, he was single again. "I'm single right now and, honestly, since me and my ex broke up, I do think I see things a little differently now just because I've experienced, like, a very close relationship with someone," Micah told producers. Although it's unclear whether he was referring to Lexi Marie, the timing seems to suggest so.

Adding that the summer romance made him "realize how much" he needed to "learn" before taking on "something so serious," he continued, "I really thought I loved her. I thought she loved me. But I didn't think it through all the way." Micah revealed that he was "considering marriage mostly because I just thought the first person you have feelings for is the person you have to marry. I mean, that's what my parents taught or raised us to think."

Is Micah having fun with a new romantic interest?

After proclaiming that he's "not ready to settle down" because he has "so much freedom ahead of" him "and so much time," Micah seems to be having fun dating. In November 2020, he took to Instagram to post a photo of himself with his arm around a new possible love interest named Caroline Alexis (pictured above). "Worth the drive to Alabama!" he wrote in the snap's caption, adding a cheeky angel emoji. According to her Instagram, Caroline Alexis attends Troy University, is part of the ΑΔΠ sorority, and has close to 17K followers. She's also shared snaps with Micah, writing, "Serious face because my cheeks hurt from smiling."

Although Micah may not be looking to settle down just yet, marriage is certainly in his future... after some more dating. As he told producers, "My parents always just said, like, God will show you the one you're supposed to marry and I don't doubt that, but I don't believe it's gonna come without dating."

Of course, only time will tell what happens next!