Gavin Newsom Reveals The Truth About His Recent Whereabouts

Gavin Newsom is a household name, thanks in no small part to the fact that he's the governor of the largest economy and most populated state in the nation, California. As such, when he's got something to say, the rest of the nation listens. 

For example, back in 2019, he told Nob Hill Gazette in an interview that he was well aware of just how important it is to give families the resources they need when it comes to the home and work balance. "The idea that you don't even have time to spend with your children because you're so anxious, even if you have paid family leave, that you may be fired or you may be demoted [needs to change]," he said. "Or the whole idea of parenting — with all due respect, men are nowhere to be found substantively. That dialogue and that gender balance is a deep issue too."

While Newsom has been very vocal about the issues that he's passionate about and vocal about trying to give Californians the help and resources they deserve, he has also made headlines for disappearing from the public eye for nearly two weeks. Now, Newsom is admitting that he had no choice but to step away from the spotlight — for a very important reason. 

Gavin Newsom put his family first

Gavin Newsom says that he had no choice but to take a break from governing the state of California to put his family's needs first. 

According to People, Newsom said that he had to cancel his trip to the COP26 summit with other world leaders in Scotland because he had "no damn choice." His family, which includes his wife Jennifer and their four children, Dutch, Montana, Brooklynn, and Hunter, simply wanted to have both of their parents home at the same time for Halloween. During a chat at the 2021 California Economic Summit, Newsom admitted that he was ready to head to Scotland until his children began an intervention. "They couldn't believe that I was going to miss Halloween ... I'm defending myself," he shared. "And my wife was going to go as well. Mom and Dad missing Halloween was, for them, worse than Christmas."

If that weren't enough, Newsom added that the next morning he woke up with that feeling no parent wants to have: a knot in his stomach. "I had no damn choice, I had to cancel that trip," he added. In other words, Newsom is that kind of governor that truly does "listen to the people" — especially the ones in his own house.