The Special Thing Erin Napier Does For Her Husband Every Day

Erin Napier and her husband Ben Napier rose to stardom on their HGTV show "Home Town," but the Napiers didn't set out to become famous, joking to People that the network had been "stalking" their social media profiles before offering them a show. And it seems as if Ben and Erin could've been content in their town of Laurel, Mississippi, running their Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman Co. stores without reality TV cameras there to document it all. The celebrity couple also remains humble; Ben told House Beautiful that the HGTV series "doesn't feel like a big thing."

As of this writing, Erin and Ben are in the sixth season of "Hometown," and completed a season of another hit series, "Home Town Takeover." But through it all — and two daughters later —  they try to be their "100 percent authentic selves, making an effort not to repeat those cliché things we've all heard on home renovation shows," an outlook Erin picked up from her late mom, as told Southern Living.

So it's fitting the mom of Helen and Mae focuses on the little things in life, creating a daily routine for husband Ben that has a deeper meaning. 

Erin Napier appreciates the small moments of love

Erin Napier took to Instagram on November 10 to share the special routine she does for Ben, writing, "Every afternoon when I come in from work, I prepare Ben's coffee for tomorrow. I sit a mug upside down on the top so he knows I was there when he finds it at 4:30 am." She added, "I bought the Dean and Deluca coffee cup for him on my first trip to NYC in college because we always watched Felicity together and he says it's his favorite mug of all." (The couple who watches "Felicity together, stays together!) Of course, Erin wasn't just showing off — she photographed and wrote about the moment because as she explained, she's "making an effort" to remember these "vignettes" of her life before it all "passes."

Those who aren't completely obsessed with the "Home Town" stars might not realize that Ben leaves love notes for Erin every morning before work. Erin shared one message to Instagram on April 26. Good Morning! Well, another season of Home Town has ended," it read. "I don't know how long God wants us to do this, but I am happy to be doing it with you."

During a June chat on the "At Home with Linda and Drew Scott" podcast, Erin and Ben said they got together after Erin interviewed Ben for their college yearbook. Erin confessed that "six days" after the interview, they "decided to get married." Erin told the podcast hosts that "romance lives in really little things."