Everything We Know About Andy Dick's Arrest

Andy Dick's checkered past – and history of tumultuous relationships — has been well-documented. In June, the actor was arrested after attacking somebody with a chair, via Page Six. The news was originally reported by Dick's ex-fiance, media personality Elisa Jordana, on her "Kermit and Friends" YouTube show. At the time, Jordana said Dick was becoming "very aggressive" while heavily drinking alcohol. "Every day there was some kind of problem. There were signs something was going to happen," the frequent "The Howard Stern Show" guest said.

According to Dick, the altercation in June was not due to alcohol consumption. The former "News Radio" star said he was play-fighting with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Lucas Crawford, when things turned serious. "Andy got defensive and scared and tried to limp away from him," a spokesperson for Dick told Page Six in June. "That's when he grabbed the nearest chair and threw it in Lucas' direction," the spokesperson added. Dick claimed that he sustained more damage than Crawford. "My femur got broken and my ankle got shattered and the tendons and ligaments on the other side are ripped off the bone," he told the outlet. 

The actor was adamant that his drinking was under control. "I don't have substance abuse issues. I don't do drugs and I barely drink," he told Page Six. Months later, Dick wound up in legal trouble for an altercation involving a bottle of liquor. 

Andy Dick's troubled history with his ex

Andy Dick was arrested November 8, and charged with felony domestic battery, per TMZ. The outlet reported that Dick hit his ex-boyfriend Lucas Crawford on the head with a bottle of liquor after the two argued. According to Los Angeles Sheriff's Department records, the "Sharknado" actor was behind bars for a brief time before being released on $50,000 bail, per People. His next court hearing was set for March 7. Only a month earlier, Dick was arrested for attacking a boyfriend with a frying pan, per TMZ.

The actor's tempestuous outbursts had been a point of contention during his brief engagement to Elisa Jordana earlier in the year. In February, Dick posted a photo of the two on his Instagram page and announced they were engaged. However, Jordana revealed on her "Kermit and Friends" YouTube show that same month that there was already trouble in paradise. "So I've been engaged for one week," she said. "It's not going well. I haven't spoken to my fiancé since he proposed to me." 

The breaking point in the relationship for Jordana was when Dick arrived at a party only to attempt to grab pills from her mother. And even when they were engaged, Dick would see his ex-boyfriend Lucas Crawford. "I was willing to forgive him for his criminal charges, for always running to Lucas, choosing Lucas over me, choosing guys over me constantly, just being bad overall," Jordana said on YouTube in July. 

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