Lindsay Hubbard Sets The Record Straight On Those Carl Radke Dating Rumors

There are some things that "Summer House" star Lindsay Hubbard just can't live without. Men making her sandwiches, Fireball shots, and of course, her friend and once-upon a time beau, Carl Radke. The two have been on the Bravo series since the very beginning and are notoriously tight. But when they both found themselves single at the same time, they briefly dated. 

In Season 4, viewers see Lindsay and "Carlito" (as Linds affectionately calls him) try to make a romance work, but things turn sour very quickly when Carl acted like a playboy, even going as far as to ask out a trainer at the gym right in front of Hubhouse's very eyes. As this played out on TV, Lindsay shared on Instagram that there was no bad blood. "Shortly before filming this past summer, Carl and I wound up single at the same time. It was then that he decided to shoot his shot. Honestly, good for him. As he should have." Lindsay added, "There is no rule book written on how to go from best friends to then being romantic and then back to friends again... It truly was a rollercoaster of emotions, and you guys are on that rollercoaster with us."

They ended it there, but now rumors are circling that the pals might be back on after all, which has prompted Lindsay to speak out again.

Lindsay had this to say about her and Carl now

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke have been spotted out and about together in New York City after having filmed "Summer House" Season 6, and even went as far as to have a "Dirty Dancing" couples costume for Halloween. All of this has prompted talk that she and Carl are back on again, which wouldn't be the wildest of pairings, especially now that Carl has opened up about his sobriety and appears to be way more emotionally available than he was back in 2019. 

But during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" on November 10 Lindsay explained that she and Carl live in the same building, which is why they spend a ton of time together. Lindsay added that they are best friends but they are both technically single at the moment, stumbling a bit over her words before getting there. But when Andy asked whether it was more of a "friends with benefits" situation, she quickly shut that down. 

Then again, when it comes to this crew, anything can happen after a night out. If anything, fans have a lot to look forward to when "Summer House" Season 6 premieres sometime in early 2022.