Joe Rogan's Strange Potential Skill Has Fans Seriously Scratching Their Heads

This article includes mentions of acts that are of graphic nature.

Part of the allure of Joe Rogan for his listeners is that he is a man of many talents. Rogan parlayed his expertise in the MMA into a successful career commentating for the UFC, and later set his sights on archery. The podcast mogul has made countless archery-based posts on his popular Instagram account over the years. He even leveraged his pull in the media industry to befriend world-class hunters and archers. In 2018, Rogan starred in a viral video that saw the former "Fear Factor" star shoot an elk in the heart from 75 yards away using a bow, per Wide Open Spaces.

Both focus and flexibility are crucial elements to becoming a proficient archer, and those are qualities Rogan has keenly developed over time. The comedian often speaks about testing the limits of his body. "I've been doing 20 minutes in the sauna above 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few weeks now, and I'm addicted to it," he wrote in an Instagram post in May 2019. In another health-centric post from July 2020, Rogan posted a photo of himself doing the full splits while grabbing his ankles, and touching his chest flat to the ground. Later, Rogan claimed this impressive flexibility gave him a unique, and lewd, ability. 

Joe Rogan's shocking claim about what he could ... perform has left guests befuddled

On the November 3 episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience," the podcast host boasted that being insanely flexible afforded him a unique ability. "I could s*** my own d*** if I wanted to," he told guests Mark Normand, Shane Gillis, and Ari Shaffir on his ability to apparently perform self fellatio. The guests were flabbergasted by the statement. "I'm super flexible. I've never done it — but I've put it around my face just to know I could do it," Rogan clarified (via the New York Post). One guest asked Rogan why, if he had the ability, had he never performed the act. "You still have a d*** in your mouth — you can't enjoy it!" he responded. Okay then!?

Rogan certainly is not stretching the truth about being "super flexible." In April, he posted a post-workout snap of himself to Instagram. His shirt was soaked with sweat as he did the splits while holding his camera. "I identify as limber," the stand-up comic wrote, as seen above.

Over the years, Rogan has shared several eye-raising health tips. He has discussed the perceived health benefits of drinking one's own urine on multiple occasions. "I'm about to drink my own pee on the radio with no name," he tweeted in 2009. We ... are at a loss.