Henderson Wade's Special Luke Perry Memory From The Riverdale Set - Exclusive

Actor Henderson Wade is currently starring in Lifetime's "A Picture Perfect Holiday" alongside Tatyana Ali. As well as becoming the romantic lead in one of this year's most adorable Christmas movies, Wade also spent some time working on "Riverdale," where he played Sheriff Michael Minetta. Understandably, Wade had an awesome experience working on the mega hit teen drama.

In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Wade reflected on how meaningful his time on "Riverdale" was. "That was a really big learning experience for me as far as just what I get to do for a living," he shared. "I get to play imagination in the most awesome sandbox ever. I get to meet these tremendous people along the way, who at some point or other I looked up to." In particular, the show's stars had a huge impact on the "Swamp Thing" alum. "I mean, it was all these icons from the movies that I grew up with, and then this young crop of stars that I just sat back and was in awe of," he revealed. "I was in the middle not trying to screw anything up, basically."

While promoting "A Picture Perfect Holiday," which is available to watch on Lifetime now, Henderson Wade shared an unforgettable memory with Nicki Swift involving the late Luke Perry on the "Riverdale" set.

Luke Perry was adorable onscreen and off

Scoring a role on "Riverdale" was something of a dream come true for actor Henderson Wade, and one of his family members was particularly impressed with one of the actor's new costars. "I think the thing that would really stand out to me was getting to work with Luke Perry prior to him passing away," Wade told Nicki Swift. "I'll just share a really awesome story. My brother is five years older than me and was right in the thick of '90210' fandom. So I told him that I was having an opportunity to work with Luke on 'Riverdale.'"

Of the incredible experience, Wade continued, "And so, my brother, he took that as an invitation to come visit me on set in Vancouver. So I had wrapped one day and we went to a local restaurant. It just so happened that Luke walked in. And I had told him that my brother was in town, he was a huge fan and all that." Proving that he was truly an icon on screen and off, Wade said of Perry, "Luke took the opportunity to sit down with my brother and I, and just [talk about] basketball games that were playing at the time and connect with my big brother. And I got to watch my big brother, who was the end-all, be-all, my role model, turn into an absolute fanboy. He was just putty in Luke's hands. It was the coolest thing that I've ever seen."

"A Picture Perfect Holiday" is streaming on Lifetime now.