What Paris Hilton Said About Kim Kardashian Attending Her Wedding

Any pop culture expert knows Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian go way back. Before Kim appeared on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and became a household name with her family, she had worked as an assistant for Paris, following along with her to high-class Hollywood parties. Almost two decades since that time, Paris and Kim have both had various relationships, but still managed to maintain a close friendship, even appearing together in a 2020 photoshoot for Kim's fashion line, according to E! News. Of course, there were a few juicy feuds in between, like when Hilton reportedly compared Kim's butt to "cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag," per TMZOops.

But all was forgotten, on November 11, when Paris tied the knot with longtime boyfriend, venture capitalist Carter Reum, in an extravagant wedding on her grandfather's property. Many fans wondered whether Kim would appear at Paris' wedding, and to the delight of many who grew up in the early 2000s, she did! 

Hopefully, fans will get to see the reunion on Paris' bridal-themed series, "Paris in Love," which premiered on Peacock on November 11, according to Town & Country Magazine. But until then, stans of this friendship can savor over Paris' true feelings on Kim's attendance at her wedding.

Paris Hilton appreciated Kim Kardashian's support

While Paris Hilton didn't have longtime friend Kim Kardashian as a bridesmaid in her wedding to Carter Reum on November 11, the reality star was still in attendance and the two took lots of photographs together. Before Paris walked down the aisle, Kim helped the bride fluff up her dress to make sure it was picture perfect, just as she did in her early assistant days, according to ABC News.

A few days after the wedding, on November 17, Paris took to Twitter to post some of the photos from her special day, with Kim included in a sweet message. "Such an incredible evening @KimKardashian. You looked stunning and loved celebrating my big day together," Paris wrote. Aw! It's nice to see this relationship come full circle. Kim also returned the sentiment, congratulating Paris with a photo of the former frenemies. 

It goes without saying it took a while to get to this point. Kim touched on her complicated relationship with Paris during the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" reunion in June, admitting, per ET Online, "I think we drifted for a while, but we're super back cool and I think that I have a lot of respect." She added, "I will never think I'm too good to not know where I came from and understand she was a big part of my career." All's well that ends well, right?