Married At First Sight's Bennett And Amelia Are Officially Over

Despite how some relationship experts, or the fans, of "Married at First Sight" may feel about a couple, there's never a guarantee that the marriage will survive. The latest casualty of the Lifetime series was announced by Us Weekly on November 22: 29-year-old theatre director Bennett Kirschner and 28-year-old physician Amelia Fatsi are no longer married.

As its title implies, the reality show follows 10 singles as they search for "true love" by marrying someone they've never met before. At least, that's usually the case, though it turns out it wasn't for Season 11's Bennett and Amelia. As the driven, but flighty Amelia entered the wedding aisle, viewing her artistic groom Bennett at the altar, they both realized they had met each other before. It was an "MAFS" first! Your Tango explained that they'd probably met through a mutual friend, though Twitter fans didn't believe it was that simple, and perhaps suggested the two were disappointed to see each other.

Whether or not that was true, the couple married and survived the eight weeks of cameras following them day and night — and during a pandemic lockdown, no less. They were among the three couples in Season 11 who survived Decision Day and surprisingly stayed together. However, much has changed since then, and perhaps Bennett's big discovery on the show led to the pair splitting up.

Amelia and Bennett got 'Married at First Sight' for different reasons

Though "Married at First Sight" fans felt that Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner made the perfect couple — and not because they have perfectly Jane Austen-style names — alas, it wasn't meant to be. Even the show's relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz was proven wrong, as she believed in the pairing because "they are both quirky, eccentric in ways that they will love in each other," she explained on the show. "They will find each other attractive, whimsical, lovable, [and] stay together forever."

"Forever" turned out to be only a year, as Us Weekly states they filed for divorce in Virginia, where they live. Their wedding episode aired on July 29, 2020, and they chose to stay together in the Decision Day season finale that October. But, as expert Pastor Calvin Roberson predicted, it appears Amelia may not have been living with Bennett in the tiny house he built for a show — one that doesn't have a kitchen or a bathroom.

Some may have suspected the relationship was doomed from the start, not only because of their potential disappointment over having met each other before, but because Bennett and Amelia had surprisingly different reasons for being on the show. While Bennett was "looking for the love of [his] life," as he said in the episode, Amelia confessed, "I really didn't even think that I was ready to be married ... I mostly just thought it would be fun to be on a reality show." Next time, maybe consider "Wipeout" instead.