The Real Reason Madonna Had Hip Replacement Surgery

Madonna — often called the "Queen of Pop" — has remained a pop culture icon and continues to capture listeners all around the world with her music. Madonna's latest album, "Madame X," dropped in 2019 and became her ninth chart-topping LP on the US Billboard 200, cementing her status as a superstar.

To promote the record, the "Nothing Really Matters" hitmaker embarked on a world tour of the same name. Madonna is known for predominantly performing in arenas and stadiums, but opted for a more intimate setting for this latest tour. During a 2019 interview on "The Graham Norton Show," she told the talk show host she wanted to play small venues because "I can see everybody, and you can see me." 

However, in January 2020, Madonna canceled a series of shows on the tour due to an unspecified injury at the time, per USA Today. The powerhouse entertainer took to Instagram to apologize to those who had purchased tickets to one of her Lisbon shows, writing, "Sorry I had to cancel tonight but I must listen to my body and rest!!" As previously reported by ET Canada, Madonna took to her Instagram Story in December 2020 to announce she had hip surgery after sharing photos of herself posing in the mirror that showed off her scar. Now, during a Q&A special, the Grammy Award-winner explained why she had the surgery after pulling out on so many shows on her tour.

Madonna had hip replacement surgery to ease the pain

During Madonna's Paramount+ Q&A special — Madame X Presents: Madame Xtra Q&A — the iconic singer answered a question by professional mixed martial artist Conor McGregor about how she manages to stay fit, per Music News. For the answer, the "Like a Prayer" chart-topper opened up about the experience she's had with chronic pain. "Let me be really honest with you — I used to be, like, a fitness/workout maniac. You probably know that right?" she explained. "During my [2019 Madame X] tour — I don't know if you've noticed it, but I'm limping a lot — I was in more pain that I've ever been in in my life."

To ease the pain, Madonna went under the knife and had hip replacement surgery. With that being said, she stated she is determined to stay in shape no matter what life throws at her. "So, how do I stay in shape? It's all in your head," Madonna continued. "It's called will, it's called no one's gonna stop me, and how I stay in shape is no one's gonna stop me. And how I stay in shape is I don't believe in limitations." We love your determination, Madonna!