Prince Charles Aides Lash Out At Reports He Made The Remarks About Archie's Skin

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's seismic interview with Oprah Winfrey back in March, the couple suggested there was a royal family member behind the scenes who had "concerns" about the color of their baby's skin and how dark it would be. While Harry didn't publicly identify who the person was, he did tell Oprah, "It was awkward. I was a bit shocked." The royal family went on to deny the allegations that were made against them, with Prince William even speaking out and stating that the royals are "very much not a racist family" during a visit to a primary school in London only a few days after the interview. 

Fast-forward several months later and a new book not only suggests that the claims are true but also calls out the person who supposedly had those concerns in the first place: Prince Charles. According to Page Six, the future King of the United Kingdom told his wife Camilla Parker Bowles on the day that Harry and Meghan got engaged, "I wonder what the children will look like?" And now Charles' aides certainly have a lot to say about the matter.

Prince Charles' aides deny all of the accusations made against him

According to Christopher Anderson's book, "Brothers and Wives: The Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan," Prince Charles pondered how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children would look on the morning that the couple got engaged back in November 2017. During breakfast with Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles brought up the subject, which took his wife by surprise. After Charles posed the initial question, Camilla responded with, "Well, absolutely gorgeous, I'm certain," according to Page Six. Then, Charles pressed on with, "I mean, what do you think their children's complexion might be?" If that weren't enough, the author also wrote that Charles dismissed his son's concerns, feeling that Harry was being "overly sensitive" about the matter.

Well, now Charles' aides are lashing out at the claims, calling it anything but the truth. According to the Daily Mail, one spokesperson for the Prince of Wales said, "This is fiction and not worth further comment." With that said, if there's anything that fans and critics have learned over the years, it's that there are often three versions to the truth: the right version, the left version, and of course, the royal one.