Miley Cyrus Responds To Manchester Attack: 'It's Really Been An Eyeopener'

The former Hannah Montana star performed on the Today show on May 26, 2017 and revealed just how theĀ attack at Ariana Grande's Manchester concert has influenced some major changes in her lifeā€”starting with security.

"I'm someone that, I don't like a lot of people around. I don't usually have the team and crew around me," Miley Cyrus told the morning show. "I like to lay really low-key. So, now I realize that I need to know that I'm around a lot of people and to protect myself and protect everyone that's here."

"I take that more seriously. I'll be more cautious," the 24-year-old added. "It's really been an eyeopener."

Cyrus also wanted to send some love Grande's way. "For my friend Ariana, it's just beyond me. I can't wait until I get a second and I can give her a big hug," she said.

Cyrus previously dedicated her song "Malibu" to those affected by the horrific attack during a performance on the season finale of The Voice. She also spoke about it on Instagram soon after news of the reported explosion broke. "Wishing I could give my friend @arianagrande a great big hug right now... love love love you .... so sorry you had to be apart of such a tragic event," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a black and white photo of herself with Grande. "My most sincere condolences to anyone and everyone affected by this horrific attack! All I can do is send as much HOPE & PEACE your way! This MUST end! No more war .... no more innocent lives taken .... L-O-V-E."