Jessica Alba's Daughter Is Growing Up To Look Exactly Like The Star

When it comes to celebrity moms and their daughters, one thing is for sure: the genetics are strong. From Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon to Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford, these mother-daughter duos will have you doing a double-take. Another celebrity that has a lookalike daughter is Jessica Alba. The Honest Company founder has three children with Cash Warren — daughters Honor Marie Warren, Haven Garner Warren, and son Hayes Alba Warren — and Honor has caught fans by surprise with how fast she's grown.

According to People, Alba gave birth to Honor on June 7, 2008, and has documented her parenting journey along the way. In June, Alba celebrated her eldest daughter's transition into teenage-dom with a tribute on Instagram, writing, "My teenager!!!! This is 13!..You have a heart of gold, you are filled with compassion, you are wicked smart, silly, hilarious, and so kind... I'm just so proud of you."

Clearly, Alba is loving seeing her first child grow up, but she's not the only one. In Alba's latest social media post, fans have remarked that Honor is growing up to look exactly like her.

Jessica Alba's daughter shows off resemblance with matching haircuts

On November 29, Jessica Alba posted a series of Thanksgiving snaps that made the internet take a double look of her and her eldest daughter, Honor Marie. "#photodump from an awesome week with my sweet fam bam and our besties @kellysawyer @jpatricof #grateful #thankful #blessed," she captioned the Instagram carousel of photos.

In the first picture, Alba and Honor are side-by-side as they pose in their maxi dresses. However, their resemblance didn't stop there, as they both had matching dark bob haircuts in the photo. Joining in on the picture was Alba's husband, Cash Warren, who sat next to daughter Haven and son Hayes. Followers took to the comments to celebrate their family while noting Honor's resemblance to her mother. One user wrote, "A wonderful family photo-portrait Jessica." Another user added, "The girls look like they mama."

Alba, for her part, has placed less emphasis on Honor's resemblance to her and more on how they communicate, telling Katherine Schwarznegger on her Instagram Live Series "BDA (Before, During & After) Baby" in July that she is actively focused on better parenting. "I felt like my relationship really suffered with my parents because they didn't know how to communicate with me ... So I didn't want that breakdown with Honor so we went to therapy together," she said. We can't wait for more family photos!

Jessica Alba doesn't think there's a 'right' way to parent

Jessica Alba may have all the right answers when it comes to being a businesswoman running her own billion-dollar company, but she has admitted that parenting is not as easy as it seems. In September, the "Honey" actress spoke about the lessons she's learned as a parent on the Rachael Ray Show, and said that she doesn't have all the answers when it comes to raising her children.

"Here's the thing — you're going to be wrong," she said after host Rachael Ray asked her to give advice to parents on raising "tweeners into teeners" and the difficulty that comes with it. "They don't want you to even be right. And in fact, when they talk to you, they're not really trying to get your opinion, they just want to talk," she added. "That's what I've learned. It's not about any advice or opinions. They just want you to say like, 'Yes, wow.' "

While Alba has figured out how to communicate with her daughters Honor and Haven, she also told Ray that she doesn't mind parenting her youngest child, Hayes, a toddler because he's a "nice break from the drama." Alba called her son "amazing," and told Ray that he "just wants to play" every day. 

Clearly, Alba has learned a lot from raising her kids, but she has had to endure awkward moments as well.

Jessica Alba's kids 'walked in' on her and her husband's alone time

In a May episode of her YouTube series, "Getting Honest," Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren revealed to guests Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman that their kids walked into them having "romantic time."

"[It happened] our first time," Alba told Zoe and Berman on camera to which her husband said, "It was the worst." Warren and Alba then explained that they went through a series of emotions after the incident. "We spent five minutes in our bedroom laughing," the film producer said, while Alba added that she started "crying." Warren then joked that they "ruined [their] daughter." Alba said that they had to call Warren's sister to ask questions about how to deal with the awkward moment, but unfortunately for them, she had no advice either. Ultimately, Alba and her husband "owned up" to the situation and talked to daughter Haven about it — but not before she told all her friends about it. "So now [Haven] knocks [before she comes in our room]," Warren laughed.

Having your kids walk into your bedroom unannounced might be embarrassing, but at least Alba and her husband aren't ashamed about it.