What The Winners Of America's Next Top Model Look Like Today

You wanna be on top? There are 24 models who can say they reached the top of the top of "America's Next Top Model," and yes, those 24 models are still sickeningly beautiful today. What's more, they've also grown in personal and professional ways. And more often than not, that growth is reflected in how they look.

If this list of "ANTM" graduates proves one thing, it's that there's more than one path for a season winner to take. Some of the former champions have hung up their fashion world hats for good, whereas others keep hustling in the modeling game. There are the alumni who have started young families, which has imbued them with a new natural glow. There are the "ANTM" stars who've gotten into other areas of show business. The list goes on and on. All that said, the series winners may be just as photogenic as ever, but time and life moves have definitely updated their looks in one way or another.

So, get your runway walk ready and smize like your life depends on it, because this is what the winners of "America's Next Top Model" look like today.

Adrianne Curry

America's First Next Top Model charmed the judges during season one of the show to scoop its first-ever win. At one point in "America's Next Top Model" Season 1, Adrianne Curry declared that she wanted to be a model because she loved "being the center of attention" and felt "like God" while modeling — a statement which made judge Janice Dickinson look as though she wanted to sign a blood oath with the 21-year old, never mind a modeling contract. 

Though her beauty hasn't waned, as of 2021 it would appear that Curry has stepped far away from the attention she previously loved so much. She did find success in the industry, but her website suggests she found "the spotlight" stressful and "decided to eschew the big city for the great outdoors" with her husband, voice actor Matthew Rhode. They now seem to live happily and quietly in Montana, according to the former model's mountainous Instagram.

It isn't surprising that Curry opted to leave the public eye considering some of the negative statements she's posted regarding her experiences with winning "America's Next Top Model" in 2003. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the star reportedly alleged that contestants were misinformed about what they would win with Curry suggesting, "I never got the money. To this day, I have not been paid" (via ET Canada). Even deities have bills to settle. 

Yoanna House

In the words of Tyra Banks herself during the "America's Next Top Model" Season 2 finale, Yoanna House transformed herself from being a "quirky, kind of weird girl" into the sort of "hip, stylish, gorgeous being" who comes away with first prize. As she's gotten older, House has embraced a more natural look, her honed cheekbones softened by a lion's mane of hair, but her green eyes are still as magnetic as ever. She also underwent a breast augmentation following the birth of her son. 

Speaking to E! Online in 2010, she stated that she's "never done anything" to her face, and likely never would (via Digital Spy). However, she was simply unhappy with how her body looked and decided to make changes. "I thought I had a boyish figure," she said. "I wanted to look more womanly, and I think it's the best decision I've ever made." 

On top of a successful modeling career, House also enjoyed some fame as a TV host and actor. The star presented the reality show "Queen Bees" in 2008, wherein a gang of Regina Georges were transformed into something resembling a pre-Plastics Cady Heron. She even landed a single acting credit in an episode of the short-lived sitcom "Eve," starring the hip-hop star of the same name, who — for whatever reason — confusingly depicted a character called Shelley.

Eva Pigford

Upon winning the third cycle of the "America's Next Top Model," Eva Pigford made history — not only as the first Black contestant to achieve the crown, but also for being one of the shortest at 5'6", per Entertainment Weekly. Though that height is standard for mere mortals, it's basically scaled-down Ant-Man proportions as far as the modeling world is concerned. Still, there's no hiding talent and the former tomboy had what it takes to be on top — something that's become even more evident ever since. Height be damned.

As reported by the Independent.ie, she was "one of the more successful winners of the show" in terms of her modeling career, landing huge gigs with DKNY and Avon, among others. However, in 2005 she made her acting debut in the Taye Diggs legal drama "Kevin Hill" and never looked back. The former model, who now has the surname Marcille, has enjoyed brief appearances in TV shows like "Smallville," and "Everybody Loves Chris" and larger arcs in shows like "All the Queen's Men" and "Born Again Virgin."

Most notably, perhaps, Eva the Diva joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast in Season 10, but left the show in 2020. In a statement given to The Jasmine Brand, she explained that though she was "thankful for the opportunity" she wanted to redirect her energy to better serve her community by "finding ways to be a voice during this transformational time in our country for people of color."

Naima Mora

Fans of "America's Next Top Model" will remember Naima Mora as being something of a renegade. With her signature haircut and gutsy punk rock swagger, it was clear from the get-go that she had the makings of a winner and the fortitude to fight for the mantle. Following her triumphant season, Mora was featured in a CoverGirl commercial with Yoanna House, and modeled in magazines like Elle, per Syracuse.com.

But there was no way to remove the punk-rocker from the model. On top of Mora starring in the music video for TV on the Radio's killer lycanthropy indie hit "Wolf Like Me" (per MTV),  she was also the frontwoman of the punk outfit Galaxy of Tar, per AfroPunk. A creative at heart, Mora has lent her voice to a TED talk about her background, Buddhism, and career, and also starred in an off-Broadway play that she co-wrote, "The Amazing Adventures of a Woman in Need." 

Clearly a force of nature, Mora has seemingly never lost sight of herself. In 2021, the artist unveiled a new look on Instagram — her old one — sharing that she'd reinstated the classic 'do. Explaining that the "fashion industry" had pressured her to have long hair for some time, she wrote, "I've been wanting this hair cut again ... I felt it time to really just return to my sexy punk rock authentic self." Job done.

Nicole Linkletter

On the "America's Next Top Model" Season 5 finale, British guest judge Twiggy raised some concerns that distinctive model Nicole Linkletter was "a gentle soul" who may not handle the pressures of the fashion industry well. While that concern remains up for debate, the model's career has been seemingly less active than some other winners in recent years. Judging from her Instagram, the former runway stomper's life looks to be extremely gentle, with the mom of two happily married and living a life of low-key, domestic bliss. 

While she may have taken a step back from modeling for fashion, Linkletter certainly seemed to be enjoying a period wherein she modeled for herself, at least. The Cycle 5 winner launched a lifestyle blog called "No Way" Mama that's full of posts about her beautiful family, plus other interests like food and travel. Though Linkletter is still just as photogenic as ever — and goodness, is it possible she's actually getting younger? — the "ANTM" alum's overall look is way more relaxed than it was at the start of her modeling career. 

Dani Evans

A good ten years before the fashion boom of diastema — a gap between the two front teeth — made models like Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger industry darlings, there was Dani Evans being called out for hers on "America's Next Top Model." The striking model went on to win Cycle 6 of the show, but not without eventually closing up the gap in her teeth on the advice of host Tyra Banks. 

In 2020, a moment from the show where the "ANTM" host challenged Evans over her initial refusal to receive dental work on her teeth went viral. In the resurfaced clip, Banks mockingly asks Evans, "Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?" and as Body + Soul recapped, it subsequently provoked endless criticism and debate on social media.

Tyra Banks took to Twitter to acknowledge "the insensitivity of some past 'ANTM' moments" and apologized. Meanwhile, Evans challenged the messaging of the moment in an Instagram video. Addressing "all the young queens" affected by the clip, she said "It doesn't matter if you have a gap, stacked teeth, straight teeth ... I want to remind you of your worth. You are a masterpiece." She may not have her charming gap, but Evans continues to radiate her beauty, inside and out. 

CariDee English

Of all the models to have competed on "America's Next Top Model," CariDee English may have stood out the most for her gigantic personality and theatrical approach to modeling. It stands to reason then that as much as the Cycle 7 winner enjoyed a modeling career, she also managed to land herself some respectful minor acting credits in shows like "Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill."

For much of her career following her win, English became an advocate for the chronic skin condition psoriasis. Writing for Health, English said that a majority of her body was affected by the condition by the time she was 12, and that she spent most of her life struggling to control it. "Because of my psoriasis, I'd obtained this bigger-than-life personality so people wouldn't notice my skin," she shared. Prior to starring on "ANTM," English started a new treatment.

With her condition cleared up, she proudly posed naked on the rooftop of a hotel for the show's semifinal, writing in the piece that "it was such a beautiful moment" for her, as a result. Judging from her Instagram, English is still modeling and still larger than life — and just as photogenic as ever. 

Jaslene Gonzalez

Having originally auditioned for Cycle 7 of "America's Next Top Model" before being cut from the final batch, Jaslene Gonzalez managed to bounce back from rejection to climb to the top of Cycle 8 — and became the first Latina woman to do so. Following her win, the 21-year old reflected to Seventeen that there were "so many roadblocks" to overcome so she could win the reality show, including an abusive relationship (via People).

"It was such a dark moment in my life," she told the magazine, stating that her mental wellbeing was negatively affected by the relationship. "But I still did what I had to do. I think perseverance is the key to success." As evidenced by her active Instagram account, Gonzalez is still thriving in her career and looks to be just as spirited and outrageously stunning as she was when she won the competition. 

On top of modeling, Gonzalez has dabbled with some minor appearances in films like Eli Roth's "Death Wish" and an episode of "Chicago Fire" as the obviously pivotal character "Seizure Woman." Notably, the model is now helping to inspire other aspiring models nurture and navigate their own careers via her website, On Set with Jaslene, where she hosts workshops designed to support such ambitions. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

Saleisha Stowers

Despite her good looks and evident prowess for performance, Saleisha Stowers was one of the more controversial winners of "America's Next Top Model." On top of having attended Tyra Banks' T-Zone camp at age 14, she also had previous experience in the industry, including modeling on episodes of "The Tyra Banks Show," according to Reality TV World.

Understandably, this made some people question whether Stowers had an unfair advantage over other contestants. As Reality TV World reported, the model defended herself to reporters in 2007 by stating that neither her connections nor experience helped her win. "I was chosen fairly like every other girl to be on the show," she maintained.

Whatever the case, Stowers has arguably found greater success as an actor than a model, having remained a soap fixture in shows like "Days of Our Lives" and "All My Children." In 2021, the star refocused her energies on health and wellbeing by launching "Soul by Sal Stowers," a web project that she described on Instagram as "a place where I hope to build a beautiful community and share my passions of Health, Wellness, Fitness."

Whitney Thompson

Making history as the first plus-size winner of "America's Next Top Model," Whitney Thompson's season ten win seemed to be a game-changer for an industry that she described as "treacherous" and "based on lies" to HuffPost. The model became a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association in 2010, and the position seemed to affirm her mission in life. In 2018 she shared with the outlet that she continues to receive fan mail from people affected by body image issues and disordered eating, who have been inspired by her story.

These days, the model lives a much simpler life but she's no less inspiring for it. Thompson now lives in Tennessee with her husband, and as the Tennessean reported, the two opened an exciting "multi-concept restaurant" by the name of Copper Vault in 2016.  She furthermore maintains a lifestyle blog, "Whitney's Wanders," where she posts candidly about motherhood, travel, and the joys of being a restaurateur. 

To this day, Thompson remains the only plus-size winner of "ANTM," and is still skeptical about how much progress has truly been made in the industry. The star told HuffPost, "If we want a true body revolution, we have to stop emphasizing plus and start integrating all sizes, without gloating about it."

Brittany 'McKey' Sullivan

When Brittany "McKey" Sullivan was introduced as a competitor in Cycle 11 of "America's Next Top Model," she was a breath of fresh air. The model had a background in mixed martial arts, which gave her a unique physicality when it came to striking poses. It's no surprise then, that the model continues to be a prominent part of the MMA world that motivated her to win the competition, in the first place. 

According to MMA Weekly, her husband, MMA star Sam Alvey, was instrumental in cheering his then-girlfriend on to audition for the eleventh season after being turned down for the final casting of Cycle Nine. The two lovebirds enjoyed parallels of great success at the time of her win, and following it, with the model described by the publication as being in the fighter's corner "during everyone one of his fights," just as he was for her. 

A quick glance at the model's Instagram tells you everything you need to know about her current joyful life. On top of rocking a dynamite blonde crop of hair, Sullivan is also "mom to 5 awesome kiddos" and continues to be happily married. She's also putting some of her martial arts training to good use and is currently coaching children in the physical arts according to an Instagram post from 2021. She's still a total knockout.

Teyona Anderson

During Cycle 12 of "America's Next Top Model," the finale pitched two very different and very compelling models up against each other. On one hand, there was the spooky Allison Harvard. On the other, the versatile yet consistent catwalk queen Teyona Anderson. The latter won, and as she recalled to NJ.com, though she'd worked hard to claim the title, she was still "so surprised" to be given it. "We were so neck and neck and the judges loved Allison," she said. "I just swore they were going to pick her."

Following her win, Anderson modeled in South Africa, and also flexed her incredible runway strut for almost 30 shows in Arise Cape Town Fashion Week, according to NJ.com. These days, however, she's less focused on modeling and more focused on being a mom to her young son. Anderson's baby son is a huge feature on her Instagram, where the model used 2020 to share every stage of her incredible and poignant loc journey

Nicole Fox

The thirteenth season of "America's Next Top Model" came with a twist of being specifically for models on the shorter side — or, you know, of standard everyday height. As a result, petite redhead Nicole Fox was crowned the winner. (At 5'7", she was still a whole inch taller than Cycle 3 contestant Eva Pigford.) Speaking to Digital Spy following her win, she confessed that being on top of her modeling game taught her "a lot of self-confidence" but that the win hadn't changed her, confessing, "I'm still dorky and shy."

Considering how awkward and shy Fox could be, it's heartening to know that she was still able to push through her anxiety to enjoy a fairly successful acting career with credits including "The Bold and the Beautiful" and the B movie horror "Circus Kane." Though the star continues to enjoy minor roles in small projects, she's also stepped back from the spotlight to enjoy motherhood alongside a career as an artist, with her Instagram flush with proud photos of her son as well as her creative work.  

Krista White

Like a few of her "America's Next Top Model" alums, Krista White's win was proof that perseverance pays off. The model had notoriously been auditioning for the show since 2003, but only got let into Tyra Banks' "Battle Royale" of modeling seven years later for Cycle 14. Speaking to Reality Wanted, White proclaimed that she simply "doesn't give up easily" when she wants something. "You tell me no, I'm gonna keep coming back," she stated. It's a trait that likely served her well in the modeling world where every "yes" can potentially follow a crushing amount of "no."

As of 2021, White appears to be living in Las Vegas, if her Instagram is anything to go by. And while she may not be doing the same high fashion shoots or runways as she used to, she definitely appears to still be modeling — and hasn't lost her finesse for working a camera and making everything she wears look luxe as heck. She also landed a gig as the fashion director of DLXVRSN magazine. "I never thought I wanted to work for a magazine and actually put my own thoughts out into the world," she told Luxe News Magazine in 2016. "I just wanted to be a part of the fashion world."

As a final thought, can we all take a moment to appreciate how this woman rocks a thigh-high boot? It appears to be the model's signature and good grief, it's a look

Ann Ward

Ann Ward's time on "America's Next Top Model" got off to a controversial start, all thanks to a preview. As Daily Mail recounted, audiences took issue with the scene in the clip where Tyra Banks called Ward's waist "the smallest waist in the world" and Miss J. Alexander showed that he was able to fit both hands around her middle. In a statement to People, Banks apologized for the video and said it "was edited in way that misconstrued our overarching message." The Victoria's Secret alum added, "During this season of 'Top Model,' you will see that Ann (the woman featured in the trailer) provided another opportunity for me to support a young woman struggling with her own body image issues (she's 6'2″; and is the receiver of countless stares and ridicule)."

Though fashion houses and photographers seemingly adored her, Ward was also "the most reclusive and shy model" to win the competition, as noted by the Los Angeles Times. This might account for the fact that the model has mostly disappeared from the spotlight these days, with the self-proclaimed nerd enjoying a quiet life as a concept artist and animator in Dallas, according to her Twitter

With reference points as diverse as Disney, Sailor Moon, and Japanese horror master Junji Ito, Ward's Instagram showcases work that proves she may be just as talented with creating characters as she was bringing high fashion perfection to a photoshoot or runway. 

Brittani Kline

Appearing on "America's Next Top Model" straight out of high school, 19-year-old Brittani Kline was given a dramatic black bob and took home first prize. In the years that followed, Kline was realistic about the challenges of the industry. She balanced inconsistent modeling gigs with bartending to make ends meet, ensuring she did so without having to compromise herself or dramatically alter her looks for shoots.

"I needed to make enough money to support myself and stay true to who I am," she explained to Williamsport Sun-Gazette in 2013, "so I moved back home to my family, boyfriend and bartending job." When more jobs became available, she found herself traveling the world again for jobs, but by 2017 she'd been worn down by the lack of stability that the role provides.

Stating that she was "tired" of "waiting months for paychecks," having no "health or retirement benefits," and having her mental health put "at risk," the model announced her resignation from modeling on Instagram. These days, Kline looks more focused on taking care of herself and her loved ones — including her "life partner" and ludicrously cute baby son, Rowan. Good for her. 

Lisa D'Amato

Renowned for her big personality and picture-perfect poses, Lisa D'Amato knew that part of the hustle of being a model was knowing how to serve charisma as well as beauty. "At the end of the day, you have to be driven," the Cycle 17 winner told Digital Spy. "You can't just depend on a pretty face." By all accounts, D'Amato has stayed driven.

Since winning the All Stars season of "America's Next Top Model" in 2011, the blonde bombshell has proven that her brain is definitely her greatest asset by becoming a successful entrepreneur. The model even appeared in an episode of "Shark Tank" in 2019 where she successfully brokered a deal for her product Dare-U-Go, an eco-friendly baby bib with self-sealing compartments for food (via Forbes).

As she told KB Pop Culture in 2020, Dare-U-Go has since become an even bigger "international brand" — something that became challenging while caring for her two babies and starting up a second business of a "smoke shop." She may be making serious bank and be busier than ever, but she hasn't lost her unique personality. On Instagram, for example, she often showcases her favorite way to unwind and stay healthy: casually pole-dancing while talking politics. 

Sophie Sumner

For the "British Invasion" season of "America's Next Top Model," a crop of British and American models vied to be on top. However, it was Sophie Sumner's classic English rose good looks and bubbly personality which eventually won over the judges, catapulting the model to stardom. In 2012 she suggested to Vogue that she suddenly became so famous that she was recognized more than her bestie and former roommate Emma Watson when they attended Coachella together. 

As noted on her website, Sumner's high fashion look landed her into the pages of publications like Vogue, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, and her personality took her into a new career as a TV star. In 2015, the model appeared in the reality series "Taking New York," a show about a group of British folk in their twenties attempting to make the Big Apple their own.

According to her Instagram, Sumner keeps busy as a contributing editor for Daily Front Row and a style host for Amazon Live. She's still, thankfully, also an active model with the star sharing work she's done for designer eyewear brand Krewe and Nordstrom.

Laura James

"America's Next Top Model" Cycle 19 winner Laura James didn't claim her title without controversy. As Small Screen Scoop recapped, she not only earned a "mean girl" label thanks to her behavior on the show, but some fans and critics — such as HuffPost — furthermore complained that the rightful winner of the season was Laura' rival Leila Goldhul. But hey, it's all subjective and public opinion certainly didn't affect her career.

After taking home the crown her the season, Laura enjoyed modeling campaigns with companies like Guess and 8 Seconds Korea, as reported by Metro. Where the model has found the most success, however, is following in the footsteps of her father, "Dynasty" star John James. The model has proven herself to be a chip off the ol' block by starring as Molly for twelve episodes of "S.W.A.T" and movies such as the Netflix Original "A California Christmas: City Lights" and a horror flick by the name of "Coffin 2." It's okay, we've never heard of it either.

All that matters, however, is that the model is still posing up a storm, making that bank, and — as her Instagram appears to suggest — slowly transforming into a doppelganger of Hollywood star Olivia Wilde. 

Jourdan Miller

The twentieth cycle of "America's Next Top Model" was the first to allow men to compete. Naturally, this made everyone assume that a dude would be a shoe-in for the win — except they didn't count on the elevated, delicate beauty of Jourdan Miller, who wound up taking the title instead. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the model admitted that her victory — though well-earned — was a surprise to her, too. "I remember standing there and thinking, 'It has to be a guy,'" she said. "'They want something exciting to happen.'"

As of 2021, the model is still enjoying an extremely active modeling career with her consistent rotation of work constantly evidenced on her popping Instagram profile. She's even been featured in the music videos for songs like "Sunburns" by indie outfit Fences and "Lemon Drop" by Jonathan Visger's atmospheric solo project Absofacto. Unsurprisingly, Miller still packs the "ANTM" beloved "Boom, Boom, Wow" effect, which is honestly a comfort.  

Keith Carlos

After the chiseled dudes of Cycle 20 failed to infiltrate the "America's Next Top Model" winner's wall, the ultra-chiseled Keith Carlos made sure that his smoldering good looks beat out the competition. His background as an NFL star likewise helped, too. Carlos told Your Teen that his prior career had prepped him for the grueling judgments of the show and the fashion industry, in general. "We get critiqued hard in football, cussed out, out kicked, whatever," he said. "When it comes to modeling, and someone tells you you're this and that, it rolls off me."

Naturally, Carlos is still modeling — they weren't going to let him out of the industry with a face and a body like that — but in more recent years he's also competently made the transition to acting. On top of starring in the "Kill Bill" inspired music video for Cardi B's "Be Careful," he also enjoyed a 23-episode arc in "The Bold and the Beautiful" and a smaller role in "Like Family." According to his Instagram, Carlos is also enjoying the next huge phase of his life: being a father. So, feel free to collectively swoon over every last picture of this man with his son. 

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco made history in 2015 as the first Deaf winner of "America's Next Top Model." In his words to Entertainment Weekly, taking the Top Model mantle "proves that Deaf people can do anything and everything." Not that his journey to do so wasn't still difficult. The model told the website that some shoots weren't accessible for him, and that the isolation he was shown experiencing in the model house was very much real. However, he used part of his struggle to his advantage, telling the outlet, "I was not distracted at all. I was focused. One hundred percent focused."

He's continued to be one hundred percent focused ever since. As well as enjoying a thriving modeling career, DiMarco's also doing well as an actor having starred in Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner's comedy series "Difficult People," and other projects like "Station 19" and "Switched at Birth." But he's also doing a lot away from the spotlight too. As Deadline reported, the star is an executive producer on two projects focused on the American Deaf community for Netflix — a coming-of age documentary series titled "Deaf U" and a film about a Deaf high school athlete called "Audible." He also won Season 22 of "Dancing with the Stars."

In 2021, DiMarco further proved he's gone way beyond the small screen by also becoming an author. The model announced the 2022 release of his first book, "Deaf Utopia" in an Instagram post wherein he described the tome as being "a memoir of my life but also a celebration of Deaf culture." 

India Gants

When India Gants won the 23rd Cycle of "America's Next Top Model" she had to reckon with two important parts of her herself: some severe body image issues — as she said to People she's "never really been super super skinny" but has learned to embrace her body — and her uncanny resemblance to model Gigi Hadid.

However, while talking to People, she suggested that the top model's career path is one she actually looks to for inspiration. "Initially, she broke into the industry as someone who's not typical model skinny," she said, pointing out that Hadid lands "commercial" work alongside "the high fashion stuff." Gants continued, "She's a little bit bigger than me and she's ... doing every type of modeling."

Looking at her Instagram, it's clear that Gants is achieving both, and is doing so on her own terms. On top of modeling, the star also DJs, with Gants' Soundcloud revealing a variety of mixes that flex the musicality of her boundless personality — the thing that arguably won her the competition. As she told Paper while discussing the "Gypsy Sport" music video challenge, "I realized ... I have to actually push my personality on people." Push it real good, honey. 

Kyla Coleman

Two dozen cycles into the reality competition, the seemingly fearless and wonderfully outspoken Kyla Coleman proved the kind of moxie it takes to win "America's Next Top Model" nowadays. As Entertainment Weekly perfectly described the 2018 champion, "She's got the looks of a star and the tenacity of a social activist," with the young model telling the publication that her background in community activism helped to ground her goals and values in the industry.

Speaking with the outlet about the intersections between activism and modeling, Coleman stated, "Representation is so important." She went on to say she'll do what she can to raise the voices of marginalized people. While the star's Instagram shows the model is getting some impressive work to this day — including an editorial shoot with legendary photographer Mario Sorrenti for Rihanna's takeover of i-D and modeling for Alexander Wang at The Webster – she's still engaging with activism.

In 2020, the star shared an Instagram post offering handmade "protest kits" — featuring first aid kits and bottles of water — to her fellow Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland. She also signposted where people could find her at the rally, so they could collect said kits. Clearly, Coleman is a woman of her word.