All The Guinness World Records Set By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was just a tween posting homemade videos of himself singing cover songs on YouTube back in 2007. However, that all changed after Scooter Braun happened to scroll through the social media platform one fateful day. The music industry maestro stumbled upon the Canadian crooner and saw a future superstar... who only had a handful of followers. As Braun told Forbes, "I signed Justin when he had 70,000 views on YouTube." This signing would eventually lead to a deal with Usher, which would lead to one of the biggest careers in pop music.

J-Beebs was 15 years old when he released his first single, "One Time," and it hit platinum status in his homeland within weeks. He hadn't even turned 16 and his career was already skyrocketing. Over the next few years, Bieber became a music superstar. He racked up masses of hits, more than his fair share of scandalous headlines, a slew of high-profile relationships, a wealth of awards, and a staggering amount of world records — like, seriously staggering. Even the most devout JB fanatics will be surprised at all the Guinness world records set by Justin Bieber. Don't Belieb us? Well, read on and weep, doubters.

Justin Bieber was an international record-breaker at 17

Justin Bieber secured a groundbreaking Guinness Book of World Records win in 2012 for being the "first ever solo artist to have three No.1 US and UK albums before age of 18." The albums were "My World 2:0," which debuted in April 2010, "Never Say Never: The Remixes," released March 5, 2011; and "Under the Mistletoe," which naturally hit the shelves just ahead of the 2011 holiday season.

Jay-Bee really knocked it out of the recording ballpark by scoring the stateside holy trifecta. According to The Guinness World Records website, his closest previous rival had been the 1970s heartthrob Donny Osmond. However, the wholesome toothy teen idol from Utah had only managed to score "three No.1 singles in the UK charts before the age of 18," failing to hit the jackpot in his native USA.

"My World 2.0" was Bieber's second album, and it shot straight to the top of the Billboard charts, selling a whopping "283,000 copies in its first week," per Billboard magazine. It followed hot on the heels of Bieb's first album, "My World," which had debuted at number six upon its release five months previously in November 2009. Not too shabby for a kid who still wasn't even (legally) allowed to knock back a whiskey highball to celebrate hitting the musical milestone.

Justin Bieber was a young overachiever

Justin Bieber's record-setting spree continued to go from strength to strength throughout his early days. He caught the attention of the Guinness World Records again when he became the "youngest solo artist to achieve five No.1 US albums" in 2013. The Guinness Book of Records heralded the win via a tweet, captioned "Congratulations – another year, another record in the book."

Then in 2015, Guinness World Records announced Biebez was the "youngest male solo artist to debut at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100," thanks to his hit single "What Do You Mean?" — the first track off of the 20-year-old's fourth album. Once again, Guinness World Records took to social to congratulate their winner, posting a pic of him accepting his certificate.

Biebs upped his game yet further in February 2020. Just one day shy of his 26th birthday, he bagged the GWR title of "youngest solo artist to achieve seven No.1 US albums" — beating the previous record-holder Elvis Presley, who was about to turn 27 when he won. Then, just to really prove he was the hottest thing in town, the Biebs Knees won "youngest solo artist to have 100 entries on the US Hot 100" in 2021. As per the Guinness World Records site, Bieber "was 27 years 145 days old when his 100th career hit on the Billboard Hot 100 — 'Stay' with The Kid Laroi — debuted at No.3." He stays winning, to say the least.

Justin Bieber broke the interweb

The average boy in North America would probably celebrate turning 18 years old by hanging with their bros at the bowling alley. Or by throwing a party while their folks were out of town (just don't post about it in advance on your social, kids). But Justin Bieber was not your average teen boy. According to MarketPlace, as soon as Biebs turned 18, he was granted full access to his (then) estimated fortune of $100 million.

Oh, and just in case that wasn't enough of a gift, the singer was also handed the keys to a shiny new $100,000 Fisker Karma, courtesy of Scooter Braun and Usher, during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." However, there was even more in store to help mark his milestone birthday.

It's safe to say that Beliebers are big on social media. Still, even they went above and beyond the call of duty to help their idol break yet another Guinness World Record. The Biebster was recognized for "most wide-spread social network message in 24 hours" following a call to spread some cheer for the birthday boy. The Beliebers smashed it out of the park, raising the bar with 251,878 reposts on Twitter and Facebook. As per Guinness World Records, Bieber's achievement was topped just a few months later, thanks to President Barack Obama's "Four more years" re-election victory message, which was retweeted more than 687,429 times — take that Biebs!

Justin Bieber rules YouTube

Justin Bieber's career was launched thanks to YouTube, way back in 2007 — when the site was still only two years old. The Biebs was one of the first significant breakout stars, so it's fitting that he should rule the social media video sharing platform. Bee-bee has racked up a slew of world records via the 'Tube. In 2012, he earned the Guinness World Record for "most watched video online" thanks to his "Baby" collaboration with Ludacris, which scored an astounding 802,076,128 views. However, he had some hot competition from PSY's infamous "Gangnam Style" video, which ultimately overtook the Biebs with a record-breaking one billion views. 

But J-Bizzle was back on top by February 2013 after, as Guinness World Records noted, he became the "first music act with a music channel viewed three billion times." Then, he racked up the "most subscribers for a musician on YouTube (male)" in 2016 after his official VEVO channel reached a staggering 23,846,181 followers. In May 2020, GWR named him the most-subscribed solo musical artist on YouTube.

Justin Bieber is a Twitter titan

Justin Bieber bagged the Guinness World Record for most followers on Twitter in 2013. It was the same year the oldest living person was crowned — which is unlikely to be connected, but hey, Beliebers encompass all generations. The record was set after JB's followers passed 33,682,239 — just beating out reigning queen Lady Gaga's follower count by about 100,000 users.

In 2017, J-Biebz smashed another Twitter record – and then some, cranking it up a notch, or ten. As Billboard reported at the time, his follower count skyrocketed past 100,000,000 users. The Biebtacular achievement led to him being crowned the most followed male tweeter in the world. (Katy Perry was the first musician to exceed 100k followers.) The social network immediately jumped aboard the Bieber train, and #100MillionBeliebers began top trending.

And, it transpires Biebs had actually scored, as GWR put it, "two milestone social media records." In addition to being awarded the "most followers on Twitter (male)," Bieber also set the Guinness World Record for "most followers on Twitter for a male popstar." The Belieber Twitter army has continued to grow even larger over the years. At the time of posting, @justinbieber has 114.1 million followers, helping him re-win his "most followers on Twitter for a male pop star" crown once again in 2021. However, President Barack Obama would go on to scoop up the record for "most followers on Twitter (male)" with 130,272,840 users hitting the follow button.

And Justin Bieber is an Instagram King

Justin Bieber wasn't content to just rule Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; he wanted Instagram too. In 2017, Beliebers helped him become the Insta King by winning the Guinness World Record for "most followers on Instagram for a male musician." As of May 2017, @justinbieber had amassed 86,485,071 followers, making him the seventh-most popular person in the Insta world.

During the previous year, Bieber had felt the adverse effects of the 'gram. As CNN reports, he paused his account in August 2016 after a pic of him and Sofia Richie sent haters into overdrive. Despite gaining over 1.2 million likes, the commenters included an army of venom-spitting trolls. "I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate," The Biebs warned. "This is getting out of hand. If you guys are really fans, you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like."

Bieber's off-again-on-again-then-off-again ex even managed to insert herself into the drama. "If you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol — it should be special between you two only," Selena Gomez decreed on her Insta (via People). "Don't be mad at your fans. They love you." And with that, JB followed through with his threat and placed his account on ice. Clearly, he was soon back again, though, and his followers have since skyrocketed to 205 million at the time of posting.

Justin Bieber beat The Beatles

Justin Bieber didn't just beat The Beatles once; he thrashed them — twice. The Canadian-born singer first surpassed the iconic Brit band in 2015. As per MTV News, Bieber beat the record for "having the most songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in a single week" — an achievement previously set and held by The Beatles for 51 years. However, the Biebs became the proud new title owner with 17 songs listed in the December 5, 100 charts, compared to The Beatles 14 in April 1964.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Biebs was back out hitting new milestones just weeks later. In January 2016, Jay-Bee set a brand new Guinness World Record for "first act to occupy the top three positions simultaneously on the UK singles chart." The UK music-buying public clearly couldn't get themselves enough Biebs, as he was at No. 1 with "Love Yourself," No. 2 with "Sorry," and No. 3 with "What Do You Mean?" all at the same time.

J-Bizzle was the first ever musical act to score the UK charts trifecta. A handful of acts, such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles, had all managed only to secure the top two spots simultaneously. Then according to The Guardian, after "Purpose" dropped in November 2015, Bieber had a cool eight songs on the UK singles top 40 charts at the same time. No, that's not something that happens every day. Or, like, ever: Bieber was the first to have that many singles on the UK chart simultaneously. 

Justin Bieber is the kids' choice

Justin Bieber is a firm fan favorite with the tweens and teens set, so it's a given that he'd win big at all and any award shows aimed at the younger crowd. Over his career, to date, the Biebs has earned 23 Teen Choice surfboards and seven Nickelodeon Kids' Choice orange blimps — in addition to being nominated an impressive 56 and 17 times, respectively, per IMDb.

J-Beebs award show popularity has also resulted in him landing in the record book yet again. In 2016, Guinness World Records honored Bieber for racking up the "most Teen Choice Awards won by an individual (male)." At that time, he had won 20 of the 45 nominations he'd received. JB lost out on wins by an individual (regardless of gender) to his long-time frenemy Taylor Swift, who bagged a total of 24 awards between 2008 and 2015. Bieb's 2016 Guinness World Records-setting streak continued with the title of "most Teen Choice Awards won by a musician (male)" thanks to the 19 wins he'd accrued at that point.

Then, in 2020 Biebs racked up another Guinness World Record, this time for "most Nickelodeon Kids' Choice' Awards won by a musician (male)." The singer's impressive blimps spree and subsequent record-setting were thanks to him winning Favorite Song for 2011's "Baby" in addition to taking home a total of four Favorite Male Singer awards from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Justin Bieber the Octoman

Justin Bieber managed to give Nadya Suleman, AKA "Octomom," a run for her money when he became a world record Octoman. Sure, Biebs didn't give birth to multiple babies, but he did spawn a manifold of new titles. The 2017 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records included a total of eight different wins by the then-22-year-old.

As the GWR website recapped in 2016, Bieber's accomplishments included — takes deep breath — "most streamed track on Spotify in one week," "most streamed album on Spotify in one week," "most simultaneous tracks on the US singles chart," "most simultaneous new entries in the Hot 100 By a solo artist," "first act to occupy all top three positions simultaneously on UK singles chart," "most followers on Twitter (male)," "most viewed music channel on YouTube (individual)" and "most subscribers on YouTube for a musician (male)."

The team behind the annual achievement awards took to social to congratulate Octoman. "@justinbieber sings his way into the new #GWR2017 book with a set of 8 record titles!" they tweeted along with a pic of Biebs posing with his multiple framed award certificates. Time magazine was among the media outlets gushing over the Biebmeister's haul. "The singer-songwriter just might make a 'belieber' out of his critics," they wrote.

The haters flocked to Justin Bieber's YouTube

Not all Guinness World Records are positive in nature. Case in point: it's unlikely Justin Bieber was eager to shout from the rooftops about releasing something that ended up earning a record-setting amount of hate online. Proving that the world was firmly divided even back in 2011, JB's "Baby" featuring Ludacris was both the most-watched and the most-disliked video on YouTube.

"Baby" was released on Biebster's official VEVO YouTube channel in February 2010. As per Metro, by June 2011, the video had been watched 575,118,703 times and racked up an impressive 1,490,076 dislikes. It was clearly a discordant time, as "Baby" soon started battling for the dubious accolade of most hated video with Rebecca Black's infamous "Friday." Black's clip appeared to be on track to be and stay the most-disliked video on the platform, but it was quickly removed from YouTube by order of the record company.

So, "Baby" was left to weather the storm alone, and it endured a long reign as the most-disliked clip on YouTube. However, as MarketWatch noted, it was "unseated" in the final month of 2018 by YouTube's "Rewind 2018" video. And the unseating happened fast: As The New York Times noted, it amassed more haters than "Baby" within just one week of its release.

Justin Bieber is a Spotify supremo

Justin Bieber's "Purpose" was the gift that kept giving. As per Billboard, the album was subjected to some serious hype leading up to its release in November 2015, but they held one surprise for the last moment. One of the producers was a little-known 17-year-old called Steve Philibin, AKA Steve James. Despite his young age, Philibin jumped straight into the fray after being assigned the task of composing the chord progression for the album's title track. "Steve whipped up the chords in five seconds," studio manager Jay Cao told Billboard.

Those five seconds resulted in musical gold. According to Nielsen Music (via USA Today)," Purpose" sold 522,000 copies in its first week, making it Bieber's "best selling launch ever." The album also led to two of Jay-Bee's eight Guinness World Records in 2017. Bieber set the record for "most-streamed Spotify track in one week" thanks to "What Do You Mean?" which was played over 30,000,000 times in six days. Oh, and let us not forget about "Purpose" getting 205 million plays, making it the "most streamed album on Spotify in one week."

Biebs had another Spotify record in 2019 with "most streamed track worldwide" thanks to his feature on Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" remix. Then in 2021, Biebs had his fourth Spotify GWR win for "most monthly listeners on Spotify (male)" after his listener count jumped from around 83 million to "an unprecedented 86,179,721" in just four weeks.

Justin Bieber rode the Despacito wave

It seemed that back in 2017, the only track you heard was "Despacito." It was hardly surprising, given it set the Guinness World Record for "most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs charts." The song was in the premier position for "56 non-consecutive weeks, from February 18, 2017, until September 1, 2018."

In January 2017, Puerto Rican music superstars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee released the original version of "Despacito" and promptly became a huge hit. The massive track got an additional boost when Justin Bieber collaborated on the remix, which was released in May that same year. It helped the Canadian land on the Latin charts, despite him just adding some English-speaking lyrics to the original.

According to Vox, "Despacito" was "inescapable and inevitable. You couldn't avoid the song if you tried." The outlet called the tune "magical" and declared that it was the consummate summer hit due to its "equal parts heartbeat, heat, sweat, and skin." The success of "Despacito" went far beyond the Hot Latin charts, though. As NPR noted in 2017, it ended up the "most streamed music song in history." But wait, there's more: As BBC noted in late 2020, the original music video racked up billions of views on YouTube, and maintained the highest count on the platform until "Baby Shark" swam in and sunk its teeth into the crown. 

Justin Bieber conquered Europe

Thanks to his record-setting achievement of holding the top three spots in the UK charts, Justin Bieber had already smashed Europe early on in his career. And by 2017, Guinness World Records officially recognized Biebster's European conquest by awarding him "most MTV Europe Music Awards won."

Between 2010 and 2016, J-Beeb amassed 20 of the trophies presented to winners at the EMAs, which are held at different European locations each November. Bieber's multiple wins included Best Male six years in a row — from 2010 to 2015 — before he eventually lost out to Shawn Mendes in 2016. However, despite being beaten by his rival Canadian teen heartthrob, it still proved to be the year of the Biebmeister after he was the biggest winner of the night. According to Billboard, JB took home an impressive three of the five awards he was nominated for, even though he didn't attend the show in person. Biebs scored trophies for Biggest Fans, Best Canadian, and Best Song for "Sorry."

As per Capital Radio, along with Best Male, Biebs scooped up a record-breaking five other categories in 2015: Best Worldwide Act, Best Collaboration, Best Worldwide Act: North America, Best Look, and Best Canadian Act. He was awarded Best Canadian Act for four years straight, but he was pipped to the post in 2017 by Mendes once again.

Justin Bieber is still far from done setting records

Justin Bieber's road to superstardom hasn't always been gilded. He was raised primarily by his mother, Pattie Mallette, who told The New York Times in 2010 that she "worked low-paying office jobs to make ends meet" when her future pop idol son was a kid. In a 2011 interview with The Sun (via CTV News), Bieber remembered living in a "really dirty" home where he "didn't have a real bed." He added, "We didn't have anything in the fridge, except maybe luncheon meat for school and macaroni and cheese."

Bieber's childhood struggles make his rise to fame even more remarkable. He went from posting cover versions of songs on YouTube to becoming one of the world's top live performers, a record-breaking singer, a renowned performer, and a documentary superstar. Oh, and rich. Like, really, really rich. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jay-Beebs is worth a staggering $285 million at just 27 years old.

As CBC noted in 2021, Bieber has sold an estimated 70 million albums worldwide, which is no mean feat given that these days the majority of music is streamed online rather than physically purchased. Biebs has also enjoyed stunning success when it comes to the stage and screen. In 2018, he set the Guinness World Record for "highest-grossing concert or performance film at the global box office" for "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never." Not a bad list of accomplishments — and Bieber is far from done.