The Truth About Joe Gorga's Failed Comedy Gig

It's not over until... your famous wife yanks you off the stage?

Contractor and famous "Real Housewives" husband Joe Gorga recently stunned the masses when he decided to change gears and dip his toe dive headfirst into the world of stand-up comedy. Perhaps among the most surprised was his wife and mother of his three children, Melissa Gorga. "If someone told me 10 years ago that @joeygorga would be performing comedy live on Broadway one day I would never believe them," Melissa gushed in an Instagram post along with a photo of the couple posing in New York City. "Proud wifey!!" she added.

Alas, Joe's recent foray in stand-up comedy hasn't been completely Instagram-worthy. In fact, it's quite possible Joe's brief stint in stand-up comedy might be over before it even took flight. So what's the real scoop regarding Joe's waning career in the comedy world? The answer just might surprise you... 

Joe Gorga wasn't feeling well

As the actor and singer Jamie Foxx once waxed poetic, "Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah alcohol..." and a decongestant?

During what can only be referred to as a disaster standup performance by aspiring comedian Joe Gorga, New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga made the executive decision to stop the show and save her husband from any further embarrassment. As reported by TMZ, Joe took the stage at Governors' Comedy Club, looking visibly inebriated and simply incapable of delivering any punchlines. Fortunately, his wife, Melissa, quickly sprang into action... but not before he hurled a few curse words to the crowd. "I don't know what they gave you backstage, babe, but I got a feeling..." Melissa Gorga said before she led Joe off of the stage. "I swear to you, usually he cracks us up, he has a routine that makes us all laugh in tears every night — that I promise you," she vowed to the audience. 

Later, in a statement to Page Six, Joe revealed that the debacle was due to a combination of alcohol and Sudafed. "This was not a common occurrence for me – I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to let my fans down," he said. "I had been taking Sudafed and had a couple of scotches before I went on stage, as I normally do. Unfortunately my body did not react well to the mix." Perhaps next time Joe should stick to a nice, herbal tea before taking the stage.