90 Day Fiance's Annie And David Get Real About The Infamous Storage Unit - Exclusive

David Toborowsky and his wife Annie are one of the most enduring couples in the "90 Day Fiancé" universe. Since their debut on Season 5 of the flagship series, the pair has proved that age is just a number and cultural differences can be a site of common ground. That doesn't mean their relationship was always smooth sailing — if it was, it probably wouldn't be such great TV.

As fans might remember, the couple struggled when they moved back to the United States from Thailand. As Annie put it, "I have to move from place to place and get worse and worse." The couple first bunked with friend Chris Thieneman, a well-meaning pot-stirrer responsible for the pair's most scandalous moment. After that, they moved into one of Chris' empty real estate properties: a converted firehouse. By the time they made it to the spin-off, Chris sold the firehouse, forcing the couple to move with just three days' notice. Enter: the storage unit.

With no other options, David and Annie moved into Chris' storage facility. To viewers, it looked like the couple shacked up in a literal storage unit (it was technically an apartment, but only by a slim margin of barely-there amenities). To this day, the storage unit is a thing of "90 Day" infamy — but just how bad was it? In this exclusive interview, David and Annie tell all.

After the storage unit, Annie and David Toborowsky can make it through anything

Though the living space may have looked like a literal storage unit, it was actually an apartment for the manager of the storage facility. "It was basically a studio," David says. "It had a gigantic bathroom. The kitchen had a refrigerator, sink, countertop, and a microwave, but not a stove, and there was no room for it. There was no ventilation. The windows did not open — especially with Thai cooking with all the garlic and chili."

The worst part wasn't the lack of amenities. Rather, it was the location right off of Dixie Highway in the southside of Louisville, Kentucky. David tells Nicki Swift that "the siren was the national anthem" and the couple watched "car accidents and drug overdoses" from their window (yes, the same one they couldn't open).

Today, the couple (who are represented by Dominton Talent House) have some distance from the situation. They've moved out of the storage facility into a home of their own and launched a multifaceted cooking business, Cooking With D-N-A. "I think, when I look back, [moving was] a good lesson," Annie says. "It was a good lesson in life. If I can make it through the firehouse, the storage units, or whatever come through in that time, I will make it through anything, even though difficulty will be in the future."

You can take a cooking lesson with David and Annie or try the couple's cooking oils via their website Cooking with D-N-A.