Emmy Rossum Recalls Being Asked To Audition In A Bikini

The Shameless star has no problem getting undressed for the small screen—unless it has nothing to do with art or, you know, the script. 

Emmy Rossum sat down for The Hollywood Reporter's Comedy Actress Roundtable and revealed that she'd recently been asked to show some skin for a potential role, even though the screenplay didn't contain any body-baring scenes.

"As recently as a year ago, my agent called me and was like, 'I'm so embarrassed to make this call, but there's a big movie and they're going to offer it to you. They really love your work on the show. But the director wants you to come into his office in a bikini. There's no audition. That's all you have to do,'" the 30-year-old recounted.

Though Rossum realized that the director simply "wanted to know if [she] was fat now," she admitted she was still interested in the gig. "I actually had this moment like, 'Well, how good is the part?'" she explained. "For a second, I was like, 'Would I do it? Send me the script. Maybe the character is in a bikini in the movie.'"

Spoiler: There reportedly wasn't a single swimsuit shot in the script.

"Not in a bikini in the movie," Rossum said. "Not naked in the movie. 'We really love your work, but we just want to see how tight your ass is.' Are you f***ing kidding me? Last time I checked, I'm not a f***ing model."

Community actress Alison Brie recently shared her own experience with sexism during the auditioning process while at the ATX Television Festival.

"Early in my career, I auditioned for three lines on an episode of Entourage that I had to go on in a bikini!" she said, while promoting her new Netflix comedy-drama, GLOW. "Or like shorts and the tiniest shorts. And they were like, 'Okay, can you take your top off now?'"

Come on, Hollywood. It's time to change.