Christie Brinkley Just Had This 'Gruesome' Thing Done To Her Eye

Christie Brinkley is sharing an eye-opening experience with fans. 

The supermodel has had her fair share of health problems in the past few years, and has documented them publicly on her social media. In January, she announced that she underwent a hip replacement to fix a nearly two-decade-long injury, according to People. "New Year, New Hip! Yes that's a band aid on my hip," Brinkley wrote on Instagram at the time, alongside a photo of her sitting on the edge of a boat with her hip visible. "I injured my hip in a back country skiing helicopter crash on a mountaintop in Telluride many years ago." She explained that the pain got progressively worse throughout the years and limited the physical activities she was able to do. As such, she decided to get her hip replaced last Thanksgiving.

Now, more than a year after her hip surgery, Brinkley had another health scare, this time with her eye. And the procedure she underwent to fix the problem will leave you feeling a little bit grossed out.

Christie Brinkley had to undergo a scary-sounding eye procedure

On December 15, Christie Brinkley revealed that during a routine eye check up, her ophthalmologist discovered a "problem" with her vision — and treated it in an unorthodox way. Taking to Instagram, Brinkley shared a picture of herself with her chin placed on a slit lamp, which is a microscope with lights attached that allows the doctor to examine the inside of the eye, and told her followers: "Want you to read this, so you will always be able to!"

The "Melrose Place" star then revealed she had been diagnosed with acute angle closure glaucoma, a serious condition where fluid pressure suddenly builds up in the eye and constricts the vision. "I only found out because I included an eye exam as part of my yearly physical checkup and my brilliant ophthalmologist spotted this problem," she added. 

Fortunately, the problem was quickly fixed by "drilling a hole" through her eye. Yikes! "It's not as gruesome as it sounds," Brinkley reassured fans. "In fact I just had it done in this photo, piece of cake," She then expressed gratitude to her doctor for catching it early. "If left untreated it could have resulted in vision loss... So I'm very grateful!" she exclaimed. "And friends keep your eye on your precious eyes! Get them checked!" she added.

Interestingly enough, this wasn't the first time Brinkley kept followers abreast with an eye injury. Back in 2015, she got a black eye while trying to rescue a bird while on vacation — and documented the whole thing on Instagram.