How Is Tyler Perry Doing Following A Serious Car Crash?

Tyler Perry has long been known to have an affinity for luxurious cars, often gifting them to his celebrity friends. One time, he gave Oprah Winfrey a Bentley convertible! "I just went outside and there it was," she said. " ... It was a 'just because' gift for no occasion." As it turned out, Winfrey's BFF Gayle King told Vanity Fair that Perry also gifted her the same car. Tiffany Haddish received a brand new Tesla from the director after she starred in his film "Nobody's Fool." What a charitable guy!

But Perry had a scary vehicle encounter the night of December 15. After leaving the airport and driving home in his Bentley SUV, a Honda Accord "cut across three lanes of traffic," an insider told People, leading Perry to T-bone the driver's side of the car, reports TMZ. Miraculously, no one was injured in the crash, although both cars got more than a little beat up. So how is Perry holding up?

Tyler Perry is going about business as usual after his car crash

A source close to Tyler Perry confirmed to People that the director is "absolutely fine" following his T-bone collision, and noted that the other driver is doing well too.

While both drivers are fortunately in good condition, the status of both his Bentley and the other driver's Honda Accord is still unclear. In photos obtained by TMZ, the Honda appeared to be in much worse shape. The driver's side of the vehicle was completely smashed in, while Perry's Bentley appeared to just have minor damage to its front bumper. 

According to the tabloid, the crash wasn't serious enough to file a report with the police — though a cop was there to ensure both drivers were both okay — and both parties will settle the matter privately. Since the other driver admitted the crash was her fault, she will most likely be responsible for paying for damages to Perry's Bentley. But with Perry's net worth of $800 million, he probably won't even need it.