The Real Reason Carrie-Anne Moss Stepped Away From The Spotlight

Carrie-Anne Moss has had an illustrious career in Hollywood. The Canadian-born actor initially rose to prominence through "The Matrix" series, where she played Trinity alongside Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. From 1999 to 2003, she appeared in the original trilogy of films before reprising her role for 2021's "The Matrix Resurrections."

Beyond "The Matrix," Moss also appeared in prominent films such as "Memento," "Red Planet," and "Disturbia." But despite her distinguished career, Moss attributes her success to the Wachowski Sisters-directed franchise. Speaking to the New York Daily News in 2007, the actor stated, "Before that film, I was nobody... But 'The Matrix' gave me so many opportunities. Everything I've done since then has been because of that experience. It gave me so much."

And though the film would go on to become a global phenomenon, Moss revealed, "I wasn't paid much money to do 'The Matrix.' It took a year of my life, and I lost my SAG [Screen Actors Guild] insurance because I was working out of the country [in Australia]." She added, "I thought, 'My God, I'm going to have to wait on tables while I have this huge movie coming out.'"

In recent years, Carrie-Anne Moss has fallen back from the big screen — but now, she's clearing the air on why.

Carrie-Anne Moss took time off for motherhood

Parenthood is no joke. Like Ryan Reynolds, who recently announced he was taking "a little sabbatical" from acting to be a parent, as he shared via Instagram, Carrie-Anne Moss is very much in the same boat. Speaking to GQ on December 20, Moss revealed that "somebody sent me one thing, a video someone had made" that pondered "What happened to Carrie Anne Moss? Why did Hollywood turn their back on her? Or something like that." Moss' reaction? "I was like, funny!"

The truth, however? "I had kids, and I wanted to be with them," she shared. The mother-of-three revealed that she became pregnant with her first child during the filming of 2003's "The Matrix Reloaded," and she would go on to give birth to two other children, whom she shares with husband Steven Roy. Since retreating from the spotlight, Moss revealed she lives a "cozy-cozy" life and has become a Kundalini practitioner outside of acting. Running Annapurna Living, Moss doesn't actually sell much beyond some guided meditation MP3s and other wellness products. "I can't be GOOP all of a sudden. It's literally a labor of love," she explained, joking that "it's not a very smart business venture."

Of course, her break from Hollywood was Moss' decision alone, and it sounds like she's doing amazing even if fans missed her during her time off.