Meghan McCain Is Sharing Her Mother Cindy's Skincare Advice

Meghan McCain is someone who made headlines for the things she said on "The View." She also made plenty of headlines for the reasons why she left the show, with a lot of people of course wondering if she would ever want to go back. As McCain put it in an interview with the Daily Mail, "People really love fighting with me and I've come to terms with the fact that people love me and love to hate me. I really have gotten to a place where I'm comfortable with that."

While McCain certainly gets a lot of attention for her personal views, she also gets a lot of attention for something else: her face. According to ABC News, McCain starred in a public service announcement in which she went "naked" for skin health and skincare awareness. She has often taken to her Twitter account to field questions about her skincare and beauty routine. Back in 2012, she shared a photo of everything that is in her makeup bag, writing, "My road makeup kit. I love being a girl." 

Now, McCain has gone one step further by not only sharing her entire skincare routine with her fans but also crediting this one person in her life for teaching her how to take care of her skin from very early on.

Meghan McCain credits her mom Cindy for her great skin

While Meghan McCain has had to fend off her critics over her hair, or even her weight, as detailed by Oprah Daily, if there's one thing that she's always gotten compliments about, it's her skin. McCain took to her Instagram story to share that a lot of people have been asking her about her skincare routine. She said that while she always tries to experiment with new products, she's currently obsessed with Augustinus Bader. McCain also shot down suggestions that she gets routine Botox done by saying that she "hates needles." 

However, she did credit her mother Cindy McCain for teaching her the importance of taking care of her skin from a very early age. She also said, "Oh and I wear sunblock out when it's sunny or outside! I use goop glow. I also drink a ton of water and only drink alcohol very occasionally socially." Now that's a "view" that everyone can get behind.