The Truth About 90 Day Fiance Star Chuck Potthast's Criminal Record

When Libby Potthast married Andrei Castravet, most "90 Day Fiance" fans likely thought the drama would settle down and life would move on. Except, apparently, when it comes to the Potthast family, the drama never really settles down. 

Libby is one of three Potthast daughters — which also includes sisters Becky and Jenn — to appear on the franchise and, of course, no one's going to forget Charlie anytime soon. Screen Rant reports that Libby is considered arrogant and entitled; her sisters are seen as greedy, drama-loving annoyances who bring too little, too late to the show. And let's not get started on all the drama Charlie and Andrei have created for the series. And while Screen Rant claims most fans don't want to see the Potthast family on any further installments of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise, there's no guarantee that they won't show up anyway, especially given how much they like to stir up drama. 

Chuck Potthast lives for the drama

It's usually bad when a police officer shows up at your door because oftentimes that means someone's going to jail. For "90 Day Fiance" star Chuck Potthast, a contempt of court charge nearly cost him his freedom. Distractify claims that Chuck was facing the charge more than a decade ago because of missed child support payments that totaled a hefty sum of $17,564. However, In Touch reports that, in March 2009, Chuck was actually arrested over the issue and, while he bonded out after his arrest, he was ordered by a judge to pay the amount owed.

Screen Rant also reports that, while there have been no apparent legal actions taken against Chuck's company, CDC Capital Investments LLC, many former tenants are severely displeased with how the CEO manages his properties and conducts business. The company manages rental properties and according to the Better Business Bureau, their clients aren't happy. 

According to a Yelp review, one former tenant of Chuck's had this to say about the company, whose BBB rating is B-: "Beware of these crooks! Daniel will tell you it's okay to pay your rent late then when your ready to collect your deposit Chuck will tell you have all these late fees. It's a scam they run back and forth and you get screwed. My daughter was with out heat for two weeks in January during the two coldest weeks in Tallahassee. These two Pennywise clowns make slum lords look like Walt Disney."

Chuck Potthast isn't the only one with a criminal past

While Chuck's criminal past certainly isn't stellar, he's not the only Potthast to have trouble with the law. According to Starcasm, his offspring tend to have trouble keeping their licenses valid. Libby's sisters Becky and Jenn and older brother Charles have all been arrested for driving on a suspended, revoked or cancelled license in the early 2000's and Charles was also arrested for possession of cocaine, according to the online source. 

Starcasm also reported that brother Daniel, who apparently isn't part of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise, was arrested in 2004 on possession charges for carrying less than 20 ounces of marijuana, as well as drug paraphernalia. And while times have changed and medical marijuana is now legal in Florida, back in 2004, carrying the medicinal herb was a quick and easy arrest for anyone with a badge. 

Everyone who watches "90 Day Fiance" or any of the spin-offs knows that drama is central to any good storyline, but the Potthast family has it in spades even if cameras aren't rolling. Let's hope for Libby and Andrei's sake, they cut their losses while they're ahead and at least get out of the Potthast family business before it's too late.