Who Is Candace Owens' Husband, George Farmer?

Inflammatory political commentator Candace Owens is always on the attack. Whether it's hurling insults at Democrats, spewing anti-vax rhetoric, or inciting an unlikely Twitter feud with "WAP" singer Cardi B, Owens continues to pine for the spotlight as a controversial conservative media figure.

One of Owens' more memorable meltdowns was aimed at singer Harry Styles following his appearance on the cover of Vogue's December 2020 issue. Outraged that Styles bent gender norms by appearing on the cover in a gown, Owens claimed society would not survive the feminization of men in the Western world. "It is an outright attack," Owens tweeted. "Bring back manly men."

Her most recent call to "#BringBackManlyMen" was aimed at Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who stepped away from his work on paternity leave. "@PeteButtigieg taking two months for paternity leave in the middle of a national transportation crisis is sickeningly pathetic," Owens fired at Buttigieg in a tweet. "Privileged times have produced the weakest men that have ever lived in America."

With Owens having such strong opinions about men in today's world, many are wondering what makes the man in her life — AKA George Farmer — stand out?

Candace Owens found her match in George Farmer

On brand with her political persona, Candace Owens' husband George Farmer comes from a family with a political background. According to The Sun, British-born Farmer is the son of Lord Michael Farmer, a member of an elite, law-making government body called the House of Lords. Farmer graduated from Oxford University with a degree in theology, per The Sun.

Like his wife, Farmer has staunch conservative values. The former chairman of right-wing group Turning Point UK was recently named CEO of Parler, a microblogging app used almost exclusively by far-right Trump supporters, per Independent. Farmer's appointment came shortly after the app was removed from Google Play and Apple's App Store following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol — though the app has since returned to Apple's App Store. "My goal is to provide the platform for the disenfranchised and the voiceless who feel that the mainstream has cut them out," Farmer said in an interview with the Financial Times of his role with the disgraced app.

Owens' relationship with the fellow conservative thinker moved quickly. According to the Daily Mail, Farmer proposed after knowing Owens for only two and a half weeks. The outlet reports that Farmer said that he fell in love with Owens so hard that nothing else mattered.

Farmer and Owens share more than political views

After only eight months of dating, Candace Owens and George Farmer married at the Trump Winery in Virginia over Labor Day weekend in 2019, per Daily Mail. The black-tie affair didn't lead Trump loyalist Owens to shed her political affiliation for the evening, as the outlet reported that Owens and her husband shared a MAGA-inspired wedding cake that read "Make Weddings Great Again."

It's clear Owens and Farmer share a bond beyond their love of right-wing policy. Farmer sang the praises of his wife following their wedding, writing on social media: "Could my wife @RealCandaceO look anymore beautiful? She takes the crown for the most beautiful woman in the world" (via Daily Mail). On January 13, Owens happily announced on Twitter that she and Farmer welcomed a baby boy into the world.

While Farmer lays low on social media as the new Parler CEO, Owens continues to show off that she and her man are a united front on her Instagram, with their latest pic together as of this writing endorsing Donald Trump's return as president in the 2024 election.

George Farmer didn't woo Candace Owens in a romantic way

Despite the appearance of a whirlwind romance, the relationship between Candace Owens and George Farmer was strictly platonic at the start. During an appearance on the "Pints with Aquinas" podcast, the Parler founder admitted there weren't any "romantic overtures" before he asked Owens' hand in marriage.

"It had all been very above board, talking about politics and engaging in philosophical conversations, and at the end of December, I called her a couple of times to kind of chat and again, had these prolonged conversations, mainly about politics and trying to understand what she wanted to do in life," he recalled. Apparently, their conversations were enough to convince him that she was the one. "Literally nothing romantic had been said up to this point," he pointed out, explaining that they hadn't even gone on a date. But it didn't stop him from asking her to marry him anyway, which he said he did over a FaceTime call.

What's more, Farmer said that the decision to marry was brought about by a spiritual awakening. "There's a little bit of a story there in relation to the Hand of God in all of this," he added. "I remember having this very powerful, vivid emotion, kind of an overwhelming sense of God speaking to me saying, 'You were praying for this, you were asking for this, so here is the path.'" It paid off in the end, as Owens referred to him as her miracle. "Your love has humbled me in ways I never knew was possible," she wrote on Instagram (via Newsweek). "I could never give enough thanks to the miracle of you."