Trevor Noah And Minka Kelly Confirm What We Suspected All Along

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly — with their matching button noses and propensity for philanthropic work — were often seen as a natural coupling. Although the two never confirmed their romance, a source informed E! News in August 2020 that the duo had begun quarantining in Noah's New York apartment after months of dating. And it wasn't long before People reported in December 2020 that Noah displayed one of the OG romantic gestures, slapping down a cool $27 million for a joint home with Kelly in Los Angeles. 

"They're making plans for a future together," a source told the publication. "And it's a very stable relationship." The supposed duo even celebrated Noah's 37th birthday with one another in February in California, per Page Six. Kelly was spotted boasting a bouquet of balloons from a party store as the pair later grabbed some In-N-Out Burger, which they shared inside Noah's car. 

Thus, what a dramatic downturn when People reported mid-May that Noah and Kelly have not only split up, but immediately left on separate vacations. While Noah was seen with DJ Steve Aoki and nightclub owner Dave Grutman partying in Miami, Kelly and a few pals headed to Mexico for some R&R, via People. "When it feels good to feel good," the actor captioned a laughing Instagram picture of herself underneath a palm tree.  

Clearly, the time apart in the sun has helped the on-again-off-again couple... because in late December, "Minkor" shippers appear to be getting that reunion they hoped for.

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are still finding a permanent 'on-again' status

In the same month as their reported breakup in May, Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly were again spotted '"kissing" and looking "cuddly" during a vacation to St. Barts (per People). Hmm, so soon? A People insider disclosed that the two were "not officially back together" and still '"figuring things out." Officially or not, the two clearly enjoy their quality time together, with Noah going Instagram public with Kelly for the first time on December 29. "Do you see what I'm seeing?," asked one eagle-eyed commenter about Noah's group shot of a friend's birthday celebration in South Africa — with Kelly's face peeking out behind his shoulder, grinning. 

While the People source revealed that Noah and Kelly "break up and get back together all of the time," they added that "they do seem to really love each other and each time they get back together, they try their best to make it stick." 

Kelly has previously discussed the effects of public scrutiny on her relationships during a 2016 Power 106 interview (via E! News). Admitting that it's "frustrating" when people assume what isn't there, Kelly revealed the trick is, "You just have to find the comedy in all of it." After all, as Kelly graciously articulated, "It's a small price to pay for the extraordinary life that I live." We guess we will see — especially now that they're Instagram official — if "Minkor" can withstand the public attention.