Celebs That Farted On Set

In the magical world of on-screen storytelling, a great many realities are blissfully hidden away. Even reality shows know better than to show the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's probably for the best given that the amount of celebs that farted on set — openly and proudly — is surprisingly substantial. Sometimes it can kind of ruin the fantasy of the famous folks we hold up on admittedly bizarre pedestals. Surely, these people don't produce the same stinks and trouser tremors that the rest of us do? 

Oh, but they do. Sometimes these "accidents" are so impressive that they're even kept in the final cut of something. Case in point? The Backstreet Boys once integrated one of Howie Dorough's farts into the song "The Call." Fellow band member AJ McLean told Billboard that the Backstreet Boy turned into a backdraft boy when he farted "on the beat" and "in key" in such a way that producer Max Martin was able to transform the flatulence into a heavy bass effect. Something that surely prompted Dorough to request that Martin, Quit playing games with my fart (sorry). 

Sadly, not every fart is quite as fruitful or lucrative, however. But let's be honest, they're almost always funny. So, crack open a window and maybe even strap on a sturdy gas mask, because these are all the celebs that farted on set, and what happened when they let one rip...

Paul Rudd's this is farty statement

Judd Apatow's films are renowned for their moments of impromptu unscripted comedy. And for "This is 40," national treasure Paul Rudd utilized his tushy-tickling talents for an improvised scene which made the movie. For the moment in question, Rudd's character Pete is having a conversation with his wife Debbie (Leslie Mann) about whether their marriage lacks passion. Naturally, this is the perfect moment for Pete to serve up a set of casual rectum rumblers — all of which were apparently 100% real.

"I just felt it coming and went with it," Rudd told Female First, and explained that on top of the fart being a cheap comedic tool, it was also the right choice for his character at that moment. "That kind of intimacy is what marriage is about," he said. "You wouldn't fart in front of someone you're dating but you'd certainly fart in front of your wife." It may have been right for the character and the scene, but was it right to do in front of his clearly horrified co-star?

Certainly, Rudd was able to jokingly acknowledge that "anybody with any decency would never" fart in front of someone else in such a manner to Jewish Journal — and particularly not "when you're shooting a scene in a movie." Still, he must be proud. In an interview with Shortlist, Rudd suggested that being able to blow an immaculately timed backdoor salute "on-cue" was "an ultimate life aim." Achievement unlocked, pal.

Benicio Del Toro's butt trumpets saved The Usual Suspects

Paul Rudd's spontaneous stinker was good, but it doesn't hold a candle to Benicio Del Toro's impressive farting feats on the set of "The Usual Suspects." In the one of its most iconic scenes, the film's criminals find themselves uncontrollably cracking up with laughter during a police line-up. Apparently, they weren't acting. On the DVD commentary for the film, actor Kevin Pollack confirmed that the laughter was real and that gas had galvanized their giggles because Del Toro had "farted like 12 takes in a row" (via Screen Rant).

As reported by CinemaBlend, the intention for the original scene was for it to be played straight. However, editor John Ottman left the moment in because it worked so well — the farts may be inaudible in the final cut, but the camaraderie it caused among the actors arguably made the scene one of the best of its kind. On Twitter, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie even credited Del Toro's criminal colon claps as having "solved a major script issue" for him. 

The film needed a scene of the suspects bonding — something which he believed "stops the story cold." Instead, Del Toro's trouser rumbles naturally bonded the characters, because farts are the funniest thing in the world when someone — like director Bryan Singer — is telling you to be serious. "Since then I've held to the belief that sometimes you're good," McQuarrie wrote in the since-deleted tweet (via Far Out). "[And] sometimes someone farts."

Tom Holland once farted on Zendaya

In 2021, "Spider-Man: No Way Home" served up a plethora of fun spidey-surprises to the joy of comic book fans everywhere. Zendaya, unfortunately, experienced a spidey-surprise of a different nature when her co-star and real-life beau Tom Holland apparently farted on her during a scene where the two did some web-slinging together. The less-than-heroic admission came courtesy of the British actor, who freely — and some might even say proudly — shared the anecdote on SiriusXM.

While explaining the less than glamorous realities of filming the scenes where Peter Parker swings with MJ — wherein Zendaya basically clings to Holland "like a Koala" — Holland admitted that he once let out a friendly neighborhood spider-fart on his co-star. "Yeah, I farted on [Zendaya], unfortunately," he said. "It's tough, the suit's tight. The harness squeezes it out." Clearly, the two have a great relationship, because Zendaya was pleasantly non-plussed about the experience, simply suggesting "it was obvious" he had farted, because she "felt the rattle" of his steam slinger on her thigh.

But then, Zendaya seems to have a penchant for such humor. As a guest on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," the "Euphoria" star confessed that she and her "Dune" co-star Timothée Chalamet would break the ice on set with some good ol' fashioned fart jokes. Fear might be a mind killer, but farts? Apparently, they're good for the noggin'.

Did Willem Dafoe really spill his beans in The Lighthouse?

Within the nightmarish confines of Robert Eggers' period seamen dark comedy "The Lighthouse," one repetitive noise sours the isolating space: The roaring rips of Willem Dafoe's character's backend. Naturally, the actor is a legit thespian, and so he conjured his body's own personal foghorn to deliver authentic blasts of gas as and when necessary.

During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Dafoe suggested his vegetarian diet helped with his err ... delivery. However, he was humble in taking too much credit for the brown haze of the final noises, suggesting, "For the most part they were added in post-production." Speaking to Den of Geek, he further suggested that "half" of the farts heard on screen were actually his. But is that the complete truth?

Describing the film's fart noises as "bespoke flatulence," the movie's supervising sound editor Damian Volpe called the character's anal barks "the mystery of the lighthouse," and appeared to dispute Dafoe's "claims that they were his actual farts." Instead, he told Vulture, "I think I'm the only one who knows where the flatulence comes from." Whether the film's final farts were those executed by Dafoe is perhaps beside the point — what's clear from the actor's own anecdotes is that he was most definitely letting rip on set, whether they kept the final cut of him cutting one, or not.

Dustin Hoffman's method farts

In 1989, Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his depiction of a savant individual in the drama "Rain Man" — which also scooped best picture that year. According to The Guardian, the revered method actor "spent a year intensively researching ... savant individuals," which likely helped him to nab that Academy Award win. Realistically, however, there's one scene that definitely gained Hoffman his Oscar kudos above all others: The one where he farts in a phone box. 

During an interview with Esquire, the actor revealed that the scene in question — wherein his character upsets that of Tom Cruise's by unleashing an air tulip within the confined space — was a real, legitimate fart. Ever the professional, Hoffman stayed in character as he "snuck one out." The actor explained, "Cruise looked at me and said: 'Did you fart?' And I said, 'Yeah ... Fart.'" Director Barry Levinson was apparently "in hysterics" over the improvisation, and it made the final cut of the film. 

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey, Cruise didn't sound exactly thrilled that his co-star "wouldn't let [him] open the door" of the phone booth, hot-boxing one of the hottest men of the '80s in a stench cell by doing so (via Oprah.com). Still, he fondly fessed up to trusting the actor and just going with it. Hoffman, meanwhile, remains imminently proud of himself and has even suggested it as his favorite moment of any film he's ever done, saying (via Irish Examiner), "That includes Shakespeare ... anything."

Tom Hanks' Da Vinci duck call

Sadly, not every celebrity that farts on set is worthy of an Academy Award. But they still make for a great anecdote, regardless. During filming of "The Da Vinci Code," co-stars Paul Bettany and Tom Hanks came away with a great one, after a fight scene ended with the unholy sound of a rectal relic. 

The incident took place while the two were filming a scene where Bettany had to punch Hanks in the stomach. Relaying the story on "The Late Late Show," the British MCU star stated that it was "very quiet on set" because when stunts are going down everyone "is worried somebody's gonna get hurt" (via the Independent). Apparently, nobody was concerned about what actually happened, when America's most wholesome star "farted really, really, really loudly." As Bettany mused to James Corden, he was unsure how to respond and said, "What do you do when the biggest movie star in the world farts?"

As Hanks fondly recalled with great humor on "The Graham Norton Show," one appropriate response might have just been laughter. "When I hit the floor, I farted," he stated proudly, before adding that it's why nobody really asks him to do such scenes in films. "When it comes down to fight scenes, I get cast as the pie eater," he told the Irish talk show host. Regrettably, the fart wasn't kept in the movie.

Eva Mendes once farted Cameron Diaz into oblivion

She's quite rightly celebrated as being one of the most beautiful actors in the world. But back in 2005, Eva Mendes was also apparently renowned for her farts. The "Training Day" star — and partner of Ryan Gosling — made her talents be known during the filming of a short-lived MTV reality show called "Trippin'." 

Cynically described by Pop Matters as being a showcase of "celebutante eco-tourism," the series was hosted by Cameron Diaz and featured "her crew," including rapper Redman and Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus. Apparently, Mendes wasn't too concerned about emitting what could have been an environmental disaster's worth of methane when she and Diaz went to war over their gas emissions. Speaking to Boston.com, the "Hitch" star confirmed that while they shared a hotel room "in side-by-side beds," they became competitive over their respective "disgusting bodily function[s]."

"Cameron is a big old belcher, but I can't belch. One night I had a heavy dinner, so I combated her belching with something I could do," she told the outlet. "It was an Eva-Cameron fart-belch off." The competition was even caught on camera during an episode of the show. In one scene in particular, Diaz complains to the camera that she "can't sleep" before an audible fart can be heard, followed by Mendes' laughter. "We can't sleep, 'cause Eva won't stop farting!" Diaz laughs, while her roommate denies the accusations as being "such a lie." 

Chris Pratt's farts and recreation

Long before Chris Pratt became the internet's least favorite Chris and he started voicing every cherished cartoon character of your childhood, there was Andy Dwyer — the actor's beloved bumbling everyman from "Parks and Recreation." Behind the scenes, Pratt was renowned for being one of the silliest members of the entire cast. During the show's run, its blooper reels were consistently stacked full of hilarious outtakes featuring the actor cracking everyone up on set with his improvisations and behavior: Such as his legendarily awful farts. 

In one blooper, for instance, Pratt joined forces with co-star Nick Offerman to perform what a disgusted Aziz Ansari called a "one-two-punch" combo of a fart so loud and audible it ruined a take (via MTV News). In another, the actor produced a horrifying brown bubbler of a noise with such sustained duration and power that he joked he'd "s*** [his] pants on camera." Believable

In 2019, the cast reunited for a PaleyFest presentation celebrating the show, where Aubrey Plaza didn't hesitate in pointing the finger at the worst on-set farters. When asked by Offerman which cast member made her favorite noises with his or her body, the actor pointed her finger sharply at the culprits. "Nick and Pratt use to fart all the time," she said (via ET). "And it would make Amy [Poehler] and I really angry! So I don't appreciate that question." Somebody should have complained to the environmental department of the Pawnee town officials...

A fart monster on the set of Stranger Things

Chris Pratt's butt burner's may have been unpleasant, but they didn't temporarily shut down an entire set. That particular achievement was instead unlocked by the young cast of "Stranger Things." While breaking down the seventh episode of the first season for Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer Brothers explained how the immaturity of the main four boys leading the show was getting co-star Millie Bobby Brown more and more frustrated with them.

Their behavior came to head during a scene shot on an abandoned bus when, as the bros explained, "One of the boys decides to fart. More than once," producing an atmosphere "so toxic ... that the crew had to temporarily evacuate" the set. Yes, farts during filming were just one of the many strange things that happened on the "Stranger Things" set. Co-star David Harbour backed up the anecdote during a Reddit AMA, where he confirmed that the kids "would sometimes fart during takes." Being the good guy that he is though, he didn't grass on exactly "which one" was the most prolific at it. 

Luckily, MTV were on the case and a thorough inquisition was given to the cast regarding who this mysterious on-set farter was. During the "TRL" interview, Gaten Matarazzo looked awfully amused — and guilty — at the line of questioning. After a little more grilling, however, he pointed fingers at his co-star Caleb McLaughlin, who finally snapped and copped to the crime, blaming his noxious nasty on "a burrito." Hey, maybe it just turned his stomach Upside Down... (ba dum tss!).

Will Smith's unidentified flying fart

From one confined space gaseous hellscape to another, with the delightful story of Will Smith's apparently horrific honkers on the set of "Men in Black." During an oral history of the film's "Sugar Water" scene with Vulture, director Barry Sonnenfeld recalled that "Will has really nasty farts," with one in particular bringing the set to a standstill. 

As described by the director, Smith and co-star Tommy Lee Jones were in a rig "on a green-screen stage," filming the Midtown Tunnel sequence, wherein their car goes upside down and drives on the ceiling. The crew managed to get the rig upside down after "about 10 minutes' worth of work" and were ready to shoot when Smith began to apologize and asked that they be immediately removed. Sonnenfeld explained that Smith had "farted so bad in this enclosed space," but that somehow his co-star "played it cool" and was affable about the incident despite the stench. "But man, as soon as we opened it up, Tommy was outta there," he added. 

Smith's gastrointestinal issues are renowned within his own family. During an episode of "Red Table Talk," the actor made the worrying revelation that he "can go three days without" a bowel movement, prompting some concern from his son, Jaden Smith, who commented, "That is not good! That's why your farts smell like that!" (via Decider). Never mind having a memory wiper, these people need a stench wiper!

Andre the Giant's gargantuan gurglers

There are legendary celebrity farters, and then there is Andre the Giant. The iconic wrestler and occasional movie star was reportedly over seven feet tall and weighed 500 pounds, according to Sports Illustrated. He was also renowned for what WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard called Andre's "rancid-a**" farts from "the gates of hell." These were stink bombs so pungent that he apparently "could clear a room" (via Something To Wrestle). 

Actor Cary Elwes discovered this first-hand while shooting the beloved adventure flick "The Princess Bride" with Andre. During filming of the scene where Elwes' dashing Westley has "to come to from being mostly dead," Andre apparently dropped a butt bomb big enough to wake the dead. "He didn't finish his line," the actor told Sports Talk Florida, "... when he let out the most extraordinary, giant, mammoth fart that you've ever heard." The fart was apparently 15 seconds long and was so huge "the set rumbled ... like an earthquake." 

In HBO's "Andre the Giant" documentary, Elwes elaborated further on his co-star's immense gastric achievement by suggesting this legendary fart "deafened everybody ... we all had tinnitus for a week" (via LadBible). And he wasn't the only one with stories. In the same documentary, former WWE star Hulk Hogan recollected how Andre loved to fart on a wooden bench full of people backstage. "[It] would rumble all the way down ... and vibrate the guy on the end," he recalled. 

Will Forte and Kristen Schaal's apocalyptic back blasters

It's unclear what the catering situation was like on the set of post-apocalyptic comedy "Last Man on Earth," but whatever they were serving was clearly a recipe for apocalyptic air biscuits courtesy of the cast. Will Forte, for instance, once revealed that co-star Mary Steenburgen set him "a challenge ... to audibly fart every single day on set" — a feat that he capably and proudly achieved.

Sharing his brag on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," the actor explained exactly how he delivered this impressive dare of digestive linguistics. "There are different degrees of privacy involved," he told Seth Meyers. "So, sometimes it's very public and sometimes it's just like, 'Hey Mary, come here... .'" If farts be the language of love on this set, then another of Forte's co-stars was shooting cupid's arrows his way during the filming of an intimate scene. 

Kristen Schaal made an appearance on a different episode of "Late Night with Seth Meyers," where she described an incident in which she let one rip on Forte. The scene in question required the comedian to "aggressively [and] sexually talk" to Forte's character — a task that required "a lot of diaphragm work." The performance prompted a bean rumble "in the danger zone," and the actor couldn't help herself. "I just looked at Will and I was like, 'I'm gonna fart on you.' And I did." It's a level of professional intimacy that all the greats surely aspire to. 

Jane Lynch blamed her fart on an extra during Glee

During her impeccable run as toxic-tongued coach Sue Sylvester on "Glee," comedy legend Jane Lynch became renowned for her sharp delivery of some of the show's most wicked and funniest lines. Behind the scenes, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" actor may have also been churning out wicked lines of a different nature via her butt. And worse still, she may not have even taken the credit for it.

During an Emmy round table conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Lynch confessed that one of her most embarrassing moments as an actor involved a less than tuneful outburst of flatulence that someone else took the fall for. "We were doing a scene in 'Glee' and I let some gas fly," she explained, "I blamed it on an extra. I went, 'Whew, a drive by!'" Here's hoping that extra was unionized! Still, Lynch copped to the crime as soon as she got home, stating that she texted co-star Matthew Morrison to fess up to her fart. 

Though maybe she needn't have been so shy about letting her own intestinal choir sing in the hallways. In 2010, for example, "Glee" star Lea Michele warded off rumors that she and co-star Cory Monteith were romantically involved by suggesting their friendship had reached a very unsexy comfort level on set. "We're such good friends ... Cory farts in front of me," she explained to MTV News

Channing Tatum's undercover thunder during 21 Jump Street

For many, Channing Tatum is represented by one core image: The actor using his gyrating body to spank an entire woodwork studio while grinding to Ginuwine's "Pony" in "Magic Mike." It's a masterful scene: Please, give yourself a moment to drench in its memory. It's also with great apology that we have to dash this image for another. During the filming of "21 Jump Street," Tatum was apparently a chronic farter on set and terrorized his co-stars with them. 

The putrid accusation came courtesy of Jake Johnson, who was asked by People what "one of his favorite memories was" while filming the 2012 movie. For whatever reason, he suggested that being the subject of Tatum's chronic gastric attacks was apparently it for him and proceeded to divulge how his co-star welcomed him on set. "I was my first scene, and Channing kept ripping the grossest farts I have ever smelled," Johnson explained. "[He was] dying laughing and cupping them and throwing them at Jonah [Hill] and myself." 

While there appears to be no other evidence around that Tatum's bottom is anything less than delightful, during promotion of "22 Jump Street," one particular video appeared to suggest Hill complaining of Tatum's bodily functions. At the beginning of a chat with Pathé, the actor quipped that he "love[s] when they just turn the fan off" to leave himself and Tatum in a "hot, small, fart-smelling room." Not to point fingers, but Tatum looked awfully amused...