Hilary Duff Is In Hot Water Over Newly Released Video Of Her Daughter

Over the years, Hilary Duff has grown from beloved child star to a mother of three. Duff shares son Luca Cruz with her ex-husband Mike Comrie and daughters Banks Violet and Mae James with her current husband, Matthew Koma. Duff, who is known for sharing her motherhood journey, reflected on becoming a mama after celebrating her first-born's birthday. "Luca provided me with the best 9 years of my life and taught me that my heart can just keep growing bigger and bigger and that it's truly endless," she wrote in an Instagram post.

But Duff's openness about her parenting has earned the actor some mom-shaming on social media over the years. In 2019, followers called out Duff after she posted a picture to Instagram with her daughter Banks, who was an infant at the time. Though the snap seemed like an adorable mommy-daughter photo, many took issue with Duff piercing her baby's ears at such a young age without her "consent," via TODAY. Now, Duff is in hot water once again over her parenting after her daughter was seen doing something fans thought was questionable.

Hilary Duff's daughter wasn't riding safely

Hilary Duff is getting called out after her daughter was seen riding without a carseat. While on a playdate hosted by Duff's former "Younger" co-star, Molly Bernard, little Banks was featured in Bernard's Instagram post. "I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous," Duff's daughter recited from "RuPaul's Drag Race" in the video. The cute clip showed Banks riding in the backseat, with only the security of a seatbelt. Duff's daughter's size and age (she 3 years old) make her a candidate for a booster seat, of which it was unclear if she was riding in or not, per TMZ.

Though Duff didn't post the clip, IG users slammed her over the unsafe situation. "@hilaryduff this is a huge deal... and allowing it to continue to be on social media by keeping this post up is perpetuating the 'everyone does it' falsehood," one user commented. While Duff herself hasn't responded, Banks' dad Matthew Koma came to defend his wife and little girl in the comments of Bernard's post. "You truly are a hero for speaking up," Koma sarcastically responded to the user calling on Duff to have the post deleted.

Koma went on the attack when users turned their criticism to his daughter. "Without a car seat, she might as well drop the 'gorgeous' from her narcissistic claim," one user commented about Banks' "drop dead gorgeous" quote. "You're a 50+ woman calling a 3 year old a narcissist," Koma fired back.