Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard's Most Controversial Moments

Controversy seems to follow the Duggar family around. Ever since the ultra-conservative family first appeared on the former "19 Kids and Counting" on TLC, their views haven't quite jived with many people, which made for plenty of controversial headlines along the way. Jill Duggar grew up as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's second-eldest daughter and seemingly did everything that she was told to do. Then she met and married husband Derick Dillard and things slowly began to change.

After Jill and Derick married in 2014, and up until they quit "Counting On" in 2017, the twosome seemed to have kept up with the same standards and rules as the rest of the family. However, once they were free from reality TV, that's when they were also free enough to speak out against TLC, and later against Jill's own family. Derick started the ball rolling, and he hasn't stopped giving little, and sometimes big, hints on how things really went down between the network — and also with Jim Bob. It hasn't been easy for the couple, as they have both previously stated on social media.

Jill and Derick left the show behind in order to "gain control" over their lives and to do what was best for their family of four, including their two boys Israel and Samuel. Since then, Jill has developed her own set of standards that are a bit less constrained. They have also distanced themselves from the Duggar family for now, which has brought even more controversy to the table. So, what are the most controversial moments Jill and Derick have found themselves in?

Derrick blasts Jazz Jennings

Derick Dillard's now-famous tweet about transgender teen Jazz Jennings took center stage in 2017 when he took a jab at the reality star. He sparked outrage when he wrote this on social media (via People), "What an oxymoron ... a 'reality' show which follows a non-reality. Transgender' is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God."

Derick made headlines for this controversial post. People began belittling him for blasting not only the teen, but also the very network that he worked for. TLC quickly got wind of Derick's words and swiftly sent out a statement declaring that his views do not align with theirs. In fact, the network shocked everyone when it was said that Derick has not been a part of TLC for months.

Of course, Derick later explained how they had quit the show beforehand and were pursuing life outside of reality TV. He was free to state any opinions he wanted to — and he still is.

Jill reveals intimate details

It's not everyday that a Duggar talks so openly about their sex life, but that's exactly what Jill and Derick Dillard did. According to the former reality stars, they know how to "keep [their] marriage fun & exciting," including in the bedroom. They may have gotten a little bit of help from a special app called Intimately Us, which focuses on helping couples up the ante when it comes to intimacy in their marriage, per The U.S. Sun.

While Michelle Duggar had previously indicated that a woman should be "joyfully available" for her husband even if she is not up to it, it may be that her rebel daughter is actually enjoying her sex life with her husband. She said that the app is a way to have fun in learning how to have more intimacy with your spouse.

Jill has come a long way these days. It's not certain exactly how her famous family feels about her spilling details about her sex life on social media, but one can only guess what they would say to that.

Derick takes aim at TLC and his father-in-law

It's certainly no secret that Jill and Derick Dillard are on the outs with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In fact, they have been banished from visiting the big house where Jill's parents reside with her other siblings. Maybe it's because there are plenty of secrets to be told — and Derick is exactly the one who is spilling the tea. He has made plenty of claims against both Jim Bob and TLC.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Derick has alleged that Jim Bob controls all the money made from both "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On." He went on to say that they never got paid by the network while they were on air, including medical expenses. That's because his father-in-law is in complete control of all contracts associated with the shows and all the money, according to Derick. In a continued rant on social media, Derick also claimed that Jill was pressured into filming for TLC or there would be lawsuits against her if she didn't. That was also the case for the rest of the family members when the shows were filming.

Apparently, Derick is interested in spilling the Duggar tea in a tell-all book sometime in the future. By the looks of his previous public statements, it appears that he has a lot to say and is eager to do so.