Amy Halterman Of 1,000-Lb Sisters Reveals Life-Changing News

TLC's "1,000-lb Sisters" follows the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton, sisters who weigh a total of 1,000 lbs, but are working to reach new chapters in their lives through weight loss. And now, Amy just announced that a new chapter in her life has already begun in the new year! 

One of Amy's storylines throughout the series has been her desire to have children. When Amy began the show, she weighed 406 pounds. Due to her weight, the chance of Amy becoming pregnant was difficult, but Amy worked to lose weight so she'd have the opportunity to become a mother. Throughout the series, fans followed Amy through her weight-loss journey and in November 2020, followed her as she gave birth to her first child — a baby boy named Gage.

Now in its third season, "1,000-lb Sisters" documents Amy's new journey as a first-time mom. In one clip from the season, Amy bluntly tells Tammy that, while they might be sisters, her son is the first priority in her life. But now, with Amy's recent announcement, she will soon not only be starting another chapter in her life, but she will also be gaining another big priority. 

Amy Slaton-Halterman is expecting her second child

After welcoming her son Gage in November 2020, Amy Slaton-Halterman just announced she's expecting her second child this summer. Posting to Twitter, Amy kept her announcement short and sweet, writing, "Gage is going to be a big brother in July 2022. I'm due July 18th!!!! We are over the moon!!!!" Attached to Amy's announcement was a photo of Gage laying down while wearing a shirt that says, "I'm going to be a big brother 2022."

Alongside the announcement photo, Amy followed up her big news with an update on baby No. 2. She posted a screenshot of her virtual pregnancy tracker: "12 weeks pregnant..." she captioned the post. The photo showed Amy has 196 days left, while baby No. 2 is currently the size of a lime, weighs ½ ounce, and is a little over 2 inches long.

After letting everyone know the big news, fans were quick to congratulate Amy on her bundle of joy, especially knowing how badly she has wanted to be a mom. "Congratulations !! Praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery. You and your husband are wonderful parents," one fan commented. Another added, "Yesss!! Congratulations, fingers crossed for a girl, best of both worlds, wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy/baby." While Amy has yet to reveal the gender of her second child, knowing how open Amy has been about Gage, we can only hope Amy will continue to let fans in on her journey to becoming a mother of two.