What We Know About Paris Jackson's Music Career

Even if she opted not to pursue a career in entertainment, Paris Jackson was always going to be a famous face. After all, she is the only daughter of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Over the years, Paris has embarked on a career in the spotlight, but has still remained low-key. As noted by her IMDb page, she ventured into acting and made her debut on the TV show "Star" in 2017. Paris made her big screen debut the following year, portraying the character Nelly in "Gringo." Since then, Paris' career has continued on both the big and small screens. In 2021, Paris appeared in "American Horror Story" and "Habit." Outside of acting, Paris is also a model and is signed to top modeling agency IMG Models. The California-born talent has graced the covers of Vogue Hong Kong, i-D, and Harper's Bazaar, to name a few.

With an acting and modeling career proving she is on top of her game, Paris also finds the time to be a musician. Her iconic father might be known for his pop classics, but his daughter has taken on a different sound.

Paris Jackson started a band with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn

Like her father, Paris Jackson kickstarted her music career in a band. What mainly separates Paris' music from Michael Jackson's, however, is the genre. Paris' material is more folk, guitar-influenced, and sounds far more raw. We can't exactly see her busting out the moonwalk to any of the songs she's put out so far. Paris and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, formed the duo The Soundflowers and released their self-titled EP in June 2020, per XS Noize.

Paris and Glenn first met in Los Angeles at the Rainbow Bar and Grill when Paris went to go see Glenn perform with his other band, TrashDögs. "I started writing around 13 when I bought myself a guitar; I didn't really start sharing or recording it until I met Gabriel," Paris said. "We showed each other songs and even wrote a few on the spot. Everything fit together so naturally, from our voices to our songwriting style," she added. "I had never met someone who fit so perfectly with my sound."

According to TMZ, Paris and Glenn ended their relationship amicably in August 2020. Sources stated it was "something that just needed to happen." With that being said, it seems there won't be any more music from The Soundflowers in the near future. But that doesn't mean we've heard the last of Paris.

Paris Jackson has gone solo

After splitting from Gabriel Glenn, Paris Jackson wasted no time, releasing her first solo studio album that same year. Titled "Wilted," NME described it as more "intriguing" than her EP with The Soundflowers. Just like the band's music, her solo album was a continuation of the folky-pop sound with which fans were already familiar. However, that doesn't mean Paris won't be switching up her material sonically in the near the future. During a December 2021 interview with People, Paris was pretty tight-lipped about her new music, but did state it's "a new sound."

The "Let Down" singer is open to collaborations too. In 2021, she teamed up with British band The Struts for the single "Low Key in Love" and Manchester Orchestra for "Adagio." In January, Access asked Paris if she would ever work with her iconic aunt Janet Jackson. She said it hasn't been discussed, but she's "not opposed to it." Paris also mentioned that when it comes to collaborating with other artists, the genre doesn't matter to her, as she is always open to expanding her horizons. However, Paris insisted she can't see herself releasing a trap song.