RHOC's Noella Bergener Reveals Peculiar Living Situation Amid Split From Husband

On the January 5 episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Dr. Jen Armstrong questioned whether the marriage between Noella Bergener and James Bergener was legitimate. "When I first met Noella, she told me that they had a wedding, but they weren't married, or they'd been together and waiting on a divorce," Dr. Jen said while trying to make sense of the couple's situation, via Page Six. But, regardless of how the "RHOC" cast mates feel about the legitimacy of Noella's divorce, the drama between her and James is definitely real.

On that same episode, Noella revealed she'd been hoodwinked by James, who fooled her into accepting divorce papers, as they were disguised behind a bouquet of flowers that were delivered by a man who served her papers, via The Sun. In hopes of clearing the air, James posted a written statement from his attorney to Instagram on December 29, which included details of their divorce proceedings. Two days later, Noella reposted James's statement to her own Instagram page and claimed he was holding up their divorce settlement. "James and I arrived at an agreement in mediation in September. What his attorney has failed to address is that it's December 30th and he has still not signed it," the Bravo star wrote.

According to Noella, waiting for the divorce to be finalized has put her in a difficult position, which has led to a unique living situation for the "RHOC" star.

Inside Noella Bergener's mansion problems

After her war of words with James Bergener on social media, Noella Bergener was candid about the hardships she had endured since splitting from her husband. Apparently, Noella and her children have struggled to make ends meet since James left. "He cut off my credit cards [and they] have not been turned back on. I have access to one singular credit card," she told Us Weekly on January 5. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star said she feared James could completely cut her off, and put her in a truly difficult position. "He could shut it off at any moment. Then I literally would have to look at some serious options," Noella added.

The lack of funds has left the Bravolebrity in a quandary for the home she occupies with her children. "He's not paid rent," Noella told Us Weekly. "We're currently squatting in our 10,000 square foot mansion, which is very eerie," she added. In response to the "mansion," James issued a statement to the outlet claiming "it was only leased for the filming of the 'RHOC' and leased through November 2021."

On December 24, the famed lawyer issued a video statement on Instagram where he claimed to have provided his ex, and their son, with ample financial support. "Since separating from Noella, I've paid nearly $100,000 in housing. I've paid over $50,000 in household goods and supplies for him," he added. However the former couple resolve their issues, fans can bet it will be a public matter.