The Untold Truth Of Cole Hauser

For a good decade, Cole Hauser was on the periphery of the A-list. After making his film debut alongside an array of other young hotshots including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in 1992's "School Ties," the actor reunited with the former on Richard Linklater's cult classic "Dazed and Confused," and then both parties on the Academy Award-winning "Good Will Hunting." He then enjoyed more substantial screen time in genre pics "Pitch Black," "2 Fast 2 Furious," and "The Cave" and even took leading man status in 2004 thriller "Paparazzi."

Since the mid-'00s, though, Hauser's profile has diminished ever so slightly. There's been the odd action blockbuster role — see "A Good Day to Die Hard" and "Olympus Has Fallen." But the majority of his recent career has been confined to the VOD market and, most notably, the supporting role of ranch foreman Rip Wheeler in that show that no one seems to talk about but is popular enough to get a spin-off, "Yellowstone."

Now that the western drama has firmly established itself as one of the jewels in the Paramount Network crown, what better time to look at one of its main players' untold truth?

Cole Hauser has showbiz in his blood

It's fair to say that Cole Hauser has quite the impressive family tree. Betty Mae Warner, the actor's maternal grandmother, was a notable artist and political activist who later married 'Malibu Mafia' member Stanley Sheinbaum. And then there's the fact that his paternal great-grandfather co-founded one of the biggest studios in Hollywood history.

Yes, Hauser is distantly related to Warner Bros. mogul Harry Warner. He also had two other major Tinseltown players for grandparents, producer and screenwriter Milton Sperling from his mother's side and Best Live Action Short Documentary Oscar winner Dwight Hauser on his father's side.

The Californian's parents, meanwhile, are Wings Hauser — who's perhaps best known for his roles in '80s flicks "Vice Squad" and "Tough Guys Don't Dance" — and Warner Sisters production company founder Cass Warner. The "Tears of the Sun" star's uncle Erich Hauser is also an actor whose credits include "Exiled in America" and "Showdown."

He was primed to play a different Yellowstone character

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Cole Hauser portraying John Dutton's peace-keeping right hand man Rip Wheeler on Paramount Network's premier western "Yellowstone." But, as it turns out, the actor was initially lined up to play another character.

During an appearance on "The Ryen Russillo Podcast," Hauser revealed that his management wanted him to try out for one of Dutton's three sons, roles that were eventually taken on by Dave Annable, Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes. But although Wheeler only had a few lines in the pilot episode, the Californian felt an instant affinity with the ranch manager and, ignoring all advice, he decided this was the route to go.

Hauser explained, "The one that jumped off the page was Rip, and they were like, 'What are you doing? It's two scenes in a pilot.' I said, 'No this character's gonna have something really good, I can just feel it.'" Of course, the star's gut instinct proved to be right as Wheeler has since become an integral part of the show's success, largely thanks to the will they/won't they relationship with Dutton's daughter Beth.

The actor grew up without his father

Cole Hauser's parents, production company founder Cass Warner and actor Wings Hauser, divorced when the star was just a toddler. And as a result, the latter didn't end up seeing his son for more than a decade.

In a 2021 interview with Cowboys and Indians, Cole revealed that he didn't know anything about his father at all until he was around the age of nine. It was only when he spotted his name on the credits of a movie that he began asking questions: "So, I went into my mom's room, and I said, 'Hey mom. I just saw a guy on TV, his name's Wings Hauser.' And she looked at me and went: 'Wow!' And I said, 'Yeah, I saw this guy.' And she goes, 'Yeah, well, let's talk about that.' And so, she explained to me who he was. And that's how I found out about my dad."

Cole later spent a year living and learning the acting ropes with his pop and the pair have since maintained a much closer relationship. Wings is particularly proud of the latest chapter of his son's career, the recurring role of ranch hand Rip Wheeler in western "Yellowstone." "He's an old cowboy, after all," Cole added. "Our family, the Hauser side of the family, are all Montanans. So, it's very close to him."

Cole Hauser was charged with a DUI

In 2016, "2 Fast 2 Furious" star Cole Hauser was pulled over by police on a Los Angeles freeway after he was spotted driving a little too fast and a little too furiously. The actor was subsequently arrested on a DUI after a breathalyzer test showed that he had at least an 0.8 blood alcohol level and given a bail setting of $15,000.

Hauser later pleaded no contest when the case went to court and was sentenced to a 10-day stint of community service for the California Department of Transportation and 36 months of probation. The star had to commit to an alcohol education program that lasted nine months, too.

TMZ reported that Hauser also had to prove he was sober enough to drive each time he wanted to get behind the wheel of his car. The star's vehicle was fitted with an interlocking device — apparently so efficient at detecting alcohol that it can even be set off by mouthwash — which he had to breathe into before setting off.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

His first leading man role helped keep the paparazzi at bay

In 2004, Cole Hauser took center stage for the first time on the big screen in "Paparazzi," playing a Hollywood star who seeks revenge on a bunch of intrusive photographers after they cause a crash which seriously injures his wife and son.

The film was, of course, a work of pure fiction. But Hauser's performance as the vengeful Bo Laramie was so convincing that it instantly deterred any real life paparazzi from pursuing the actor in real life.

Several years later, Hauser recalled to Cowboys and Indians one particular occasion in which his rare stint as leading man helped him get out of a sticky situation at a supermarket car park: "I turned around and this guy was there taking pictures of me and my son. And my kid was a baby, so I looked at him and I stopped. And he pulled his camera down, and looked at me — and he goes, 'Oh, s***!' I go, 'What?' And he goes, 'You just gave me the Bo Laramie look.' And he ran off. And that was really the last time I think they ever messed with me. They stayed away, and I've been lucky in that way."

Cole Hauser loves the outdoors life

For many actors, the time spent waiting in-between takes is the most tedious part of the profession. But when playing Rip Wheeler in Paramount western "Yellowstone," Cole Hauser pretty much looks forward to the period in-between "Cut" and "Action."

Speaking to UPI in 2020, the Californian waxed lyrical about the joys of working in the great outdoors (the Kevin Costner hit was initially filmed in both Utah and Montana before moving permanently to the latter). He said, "It's, honestly, a blessing to go to work every day, to get on a horse on these amazing ranches ... This lets you slow down and you'll be looking out and there will be a bald eagle. There will be deer and elk. Everything is just alive. There are these snow-capped mountains. The first couple of weeks you're there, you feel like you're in a painting."

Hauser also believes that the show has been particularly useful during the pandemic: "I'm hoping that with people being inside in California and New York that they have the opportunity to see the show and see this is a beautiful country and there is a lot to do in the outdoors. I think everybody feels a little healthier when they are out there."

The Californian is married to a 1990s TV icon

The name Cynthia Daniel might not mean much to you, but if you were a girl of the 1990s, then you'll almost definitely be aware of her most famous character. The former actress starred alongside her identical twin sister Brittany Daniel as Elizabeth Wakefield in the hit adaptation of Francine Pascal's book series, "Sweet Valley High." So what's all this got to do with Cole Hauser, you may ask?

Well, in 2006, Daniel walked down the aisle with the "Tigerland" star. By this point, the newlyweds were also parents to a two-year-old son, Ryland. And they went on to add to their family unit with the birth of Colt in 2008 and then Steely Rose in 2012. If you're wondering why you haven't seen Daniel on screen for 20 years, she actually retired from the showbiz game in 2002. Her last screen credit came alongside her famous sibling in an episode of "That '80s Show." Since then, the one-time teen favorite has carved out a new career as a photographer, setting up her own company, Five Arrows

The pair largely prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. But in 2020, Hauser made a rare remark about their marriage, telling People, "We've been together for 25 years. Through so many wonderful ups and downs as relationships do. We've stayed strong together and just battled through everything and still love each other."

He's one of the sexiest men alive

Cole Hauser appears to be one of those Hollywood men who get more attractive as they age. Well, that's according to People magazine anyway. Having never previously graced the publication's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue, the "Yellowstone" star found himself posing in a water trough for its 2020 version at the age of 45!

Hauser was pipped to the overall title by Michael B. Jordan but he still got the chance to make readers swoon with his shirtless photo shoot for the feature titled "Change of Scenery." The actor was captured showing off his guns on the same Missoula ranch which features in the drama that has helped to put his name back on the map. And the tub he enjoyed a dip in was also the same that his on-screen wife Beth once used for an impromptu outdoor soak.

The honor came at just the right time, too. Hauser had been doubling up on his fitness regime, having landed a role in Mel Gibson action flick "Panama." The star was already in great shape thanks to the physical nature of his regular gig on "Yellowstone," as he explained to the tabloid magazine: "Horseback riding at a very high level is a hell of a workout for core and back and legs."

The actor is all about family

"Yellowstone" star Cole Hauser might enjoy getting to spend time shooting amid the rugged landscapes of Montana for the hit western drama. But the downside of being miles away from civilization is that he also has to spend a significant amount of time away from his family.

In a 2020 interview with People, the man now best-known as ranch manager Rip Wheeler admitted that his time on the Paramount Network show has made him miss wife Cynthia Daniels and their three children, Ryland, Colt, and Steely, more than ever. "It's been a little rough over the last couple of years just because I'm away for five months at a time. It's not easy to parent from afar. Steely is an absolute pistol, and they're great boys. When I'm away they kind of take over, making sure that mom and Steely are watched over. That's how I raised them and I'm proud of them for that."

In saying that, Hauser is already looking forward to the time when he and Daniels can enjoy being empty nesters. When asked about what he envisions his life to be ten years into the future, the actor said he'd be "sitting on a beach with my wife, kids will be out of the house, and we'll have a nice little island somewhere. We're just going to have our feet up, boat kind of out in the ocean, nothing too crazy. Just enjoying the second half of our life."

Cole Hauser has a ranch in real life

It turns out that playing a ranch foreman on Paramount hit "Yellowstone" isn't actually that much of a stretch for Cole Hauser. The actor, who plays Rip Wheeler in the Kevin Costner-starring western, has a ranch in real life! Well, for now anyway.

In 2020, Hauser put the three-acre grounds he bought in the Agoura Hills of California for $2.34 million back on the market for nearly double the price he paid. According to the Los Angeles Times, the star had been the horse ranch's proud owner for ten years.

Alongside the riding trails and a couple of equestrian areas, the sale also included the main solar-powered house, which boasts four bathrooms and bedrooms apiece, a generously-sized chef's kitchen, spa, and pool (complete with waterslide), and a terrace featuring glorious Santa Monica Mountains views. If that's not enough, there's also an extra studio apartment and guest house!

Kevin Costner is BFFs with Cole Hauser

Kevin Costner has made a few enemies over the years. There's the time he was sued $50,000 by a neighbor for blocking his ocean view. The actor himself has taken several former friends and business acquaintances to court, including "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" producers and one-time business partner Jim Wilson. And who can forget the moment Madonna showed how physically repulsed she was by his mere presence in "Truth or Dare"?

Luckily, considering how often they've had to work together since "Yellowstone" premiered in 2018, Cole Hauser isn't one of them. In fact, the pair appear to get on like a house on fire when the cameras stop rolling, as the man who plays ranch manager Rip Wheeler explained to Fox News in 2020.

Referring to Costner, who plays John Dutton in the Paramount Network western, Hauser said, "He's a wonderful person — more importantly — a person than an actor. I just enjoy being around him and enjoying each other's company. So he's been somebody I've always looked up to creatively. And that's been an honor working with him." The Californian also recalled how his regular co-star made fun of his inclusion in People's Sexiest Man Alive, an accolade that has so far eluded the eldest of the two BFFs.

He once offended the whole of Romania

We're not sure exactly how popular the ultra-American drama "Yellowstone" is in Romania. But it's unlikely that the European country will be inviting the man who plays ranch hand Rip Wheeler over to promote the show regardless.

In 2006, Cole Hauser was asked by Movie Hole about the conditions filming schlocky horror "The Cave" in The Land of Dracula. And his answer proved that diplomacy wasn't his strong point: "Well, Romania has a distinctive smell to begin with so driving to work stunk and then walking on the set stunk even worse."

Hauser, who played cave explorer Jack McAllister in the modest box office success, didn't stop offending there, either: "And then you're in close quarters with these guys, and Europeans aren't known for their hygiene; I don't think there's too much body deodorant in Romania. It was definitely an experience being in these tight quarters with grown men."

Cole Hauser doesn't rest on his laurels

Cole Hauser may be a Hollywood star with nearly 30 years and more than 50 credits to his name. But as he explained to IGN while promoting his 2004 thriller "Paparazzi," he's not one to rest on his laurels. "You never stop fighting, ever," he said. "The day that you do that, you're done, truthfully."

The Californian then referred to the movie's producer Mel Gibson as an example of someone who always pushes himself before bringing up the time he worked on a Scottish indie film, "A Shot at Glory," with Robert Duvall: "I asked him, 'What do you think it is that's made you so good, in my opinion, over the years?' And he said, 'Man, it's hard work. You just have to keep working. You don't take any days off. Don't take a second off. The day you do, you miss, you lose.'"

While discussing his second Gibson collaboration, "Panama," 16 years later to Hollywood Life, Hauser proved that he still remained dedicated to testing his acting abilities: "I'm always looking for different challenges and different characters that excite me. Rip [from "Yellowstone"] is his own entity, and I love playing him. He's a fabulous character, but I'm interested in branching out and seeing different sides of myself."

Cole Hauser has a net worth of $7 million

As a member of a Hollywood dynasty that includes Warner Bros co-founder Harry Warner, Oscar-winning screenwriter Dwight Howard, and actor Wings Hauser, Cole Hauser was unlikely to have been short of money while growing up in Santa Barbara, Oregon, and Florida. But the "White Oleander" star has also amassed his own fortune since making a name for himself in Hollywood in the early 1990s.

The actor no doubt earned a considerable pay packet for his performances in big-budget affairs "2 Fast 2 Furious," "Tears of the Sun," and "Hart's War." And although his profile dipped in the '10s, he still kept himself busy with recurring roles in "Chase," "Rogue" and "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles" and several straight-to-DVD titles, with Celebrity Net Worth reporting that he now has a net worth of $7 million as a result.

Of course, you should expect that figure to significantly increase the longer that "Yellowstone" stays on the air. According to Cinema Blend, Hauser earns a cool $200,000 for every episode he appears as ranch manager Rip Wheeler.